Saturday, June 11, 2011

European Gospel Radio now broadcasting daily

Beginnnng June 10, 2011, European Gospel Radio via IRRS-Shortwave began live programming in English at 0800-2000 UTC, on 7290 kHz to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The programs may also be heard daily on two new AM/mediumwave frequencies: on 1368 kHz from Padua (Padova, North East Italy), and locally in Rome on 1566 kHz. Broadcasting on these mediumwave frequencies will be daily from 1700-2400 UTC. Reception on 1368 kHz during darkness has been reported within a radius of approximately 700 km from Padua, i.e. in northern Italy, southern France, Austria, Southern Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, and under DX conditions also from Denmark, Sweden and Norway

Reception reports or general correspondence are welcome. You can write to the program producers at the addresses mentioned on the air, or send to:
(Source: Ron Norton, EGR)

To learn more about European Gospel Radio and their goals, visit their website at . Streaming audio is available at the website