Friday, June 03, 2011

Chasing pirate radio with FRW

Today's selection of pirate logs, comes from the DXers at Free Radio Weekly, who make 'chasing pirates' an art form all their own. With the weekend hours away, this is a great opportunity to scan the bands for pirate activity. Good luck !

Logs edited for clarity

All times UTC / *sign-on / sign-off*

Captain Morgan Shortwave
6925AM, 2235-2330+ SIO322+/111. Music tune, Brandy by Looking Glass followed by Dobie Gray's Drift Away at 2237. Music medley from the 60's at 2241, Kink's You Really Got Me at 2326. Jimi Hendrix's Along The Watchtower. Station heard via secret slohb online receiver in NC. (Captain Ganja, IL)

Channel Z
6925AM, 0000-0050. SINPO 25311. Faint music in the static. Music included, Free Ride, Come on Feel the Noise. (Ragnar)

Crystal Ship Radio
6815.6 AM 0009-0110.+ SIO=343. Sign-on with the usual Doors rock riff interval signal, into Soviet Union national anthem by chorus. Program of rock oldies such as Along Comes Mary and Itchycoo Park, Live for Today, and Journey to the Center of the Mind. Volunteers by Jefferson Airplane. Not much political talk on this program (Zeller-OH)

Hunk-A-Junk Radio
6925USB, 2330-2340. SINPO 35443. Yo ho, Bo Jangles, and Got That Right. Many station IDs. (Ragnar) Also noted on 6925USB, 2125, SINPO 35343. Diamond's Sweet Caroline.
Audio off and out. Male operator giving live ID (Ragnar)

International Bowling League Relay Service
6925AM, 0417-0452. Several parodies of Beatles, Green Acres and other songs with ID by man announcer: “You are listening to the International Bowling League Relay Service right here on 6925 shortwave.” Seemed to disappear in the noise around 0440 but popped out of noise again around 0451. Poor to fair signal otherwise. Please QSL. (D’Angelo-PA)

Radio 2012 International
6925AM, 2257-2357. SINPO 45344. Techno/Dance music to multiple male/female IDs. Signal slightly hot. (Ragnar)

Radio Appalachia
6935AM, 0132-0205.* Bluegrass music, including a live recording of a concert that included Ricky Scags. First song that I heard might have been, Saginaw, Michigan. Several IDs. (S8 over S6 noise, Hunsicker, PA)

Radio Free Mars
6925AM, 0100-0113. SINPO 45344. Computer ID repeated. Distorted ID & voice, unknown music was clear.(Ragnar)

Radio Gaga
6925USB, 1200-1255. SINPO 45434. Tune, Fly Robin Fly, Ozzy, George Bush clips, Thunderstruck. Dancing Queen, Warren Zevon off with SSTV (Ragnar)

Radio Ronin
6944.75AM, 0005-0048. Signal good/fair S9max S5-6nf. Excellent program of Motown hits including tunes, I Heard it Thru the Grapevine, Dancing in the Street, Baby I Need Your Loving, You Better Shop Around, River Deep Mountain High, Stop In the Name of love. Mentioned "hello to all the service men and women in the armed forces." Email: . (Hassig-IL)

Rave On Radio
6925USB, 0018-0020. SINPO 35433. Male voice with ID of Rave On Radio broadcasting from the studio in the woods and requesting reception reports to HFunderground. (Ragnar)

Renegade Radio
6925USB, 0215-0232. Fair signal with S9max, S7nf. Music ballads and rock including -Time For Me to Fly, and also End of the World As We Know It. Dedicated to H. Camping and Family Radio. Air conditioner humm during announcement. Short program, no address given.(Hassig-IL)

6925USB, 2143-2202.* Drama protesting with police sirens, lawyers, Peter Gunn theme music followed by a vocal. Also “I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore” segment with Howard Beal from movie Network. Woman with simple station ID at closedown. Poor signal quality. (D’Angelo-PA)

WRRR (World Rabbit Rapture Radio)
6925.1AM, 1855.+ SIO 333. "World Rabbit Rapture Radio" ID, followed by "I am a good
monkey" loop. Commander Bunny said "send your QSLs, jewelry, deeds, etc". Heard via secret slohb online receiver in NC.(Captain Ganja, IL)
(FRN # 794 via Fredirck Moe/FRN #796 via Bill Finn/FRN #797 via Greg Majewski/FRN #798 via Harold Frodge)

Euro Pirate logs

3932, 1950-2140+ Program of rock Anathema, a song I didn't know that he said he bought in 1999, early XTC Tissue Tigers. Talk about looking at the price of some used motorcycles, but 100 pounds was too much. Another batch of talk about the website being up on weekends. Program looped after about an hour or so. Said he had a guy announce the address in Liverpool every week but no one could understand it, so consequently no one wrote in. . Said he's only mildly interested in Rachel nextdoor. Guy tried to convince him to buy his bike shop. (Yoder, PA via UK web receiver/FRN # 794)

Misti Radio
6290, 1430-1440. Light pop tune, I Never Knew Love Like This Before, reggae song, Rock Me, Baby, plus some organ schlager. Misti John IDed, said hi to listeners on Iann’s chat room & asked if people liked the music. He said “Roni, you make an old man very happy.” (Yoder, PA via UK web receiver/FRN 794)

Mustang Radio
6325, 1451-1452. Just heard end, male announcer DJ saying “Radio Mustang…low-power…5 watts.” Off after ABBA “SOS.” (Yoder, PA via UK web receiver/FRN 794)

Northcoast Radio
6300, 1430-1745+. Lots of pop and dance music, including New Order's Blue Monday at 1436. Hi to Chris, but no IDs. Went on Iann’s chatroom & asked Chris who it was myself (so ID per Chris). Later, IDs and tune, Highway to Hell AC/DC, They’re Coming to Take Me Away Ha Ha Napoleon XIV, Slade, Madness, ZZ Top, Steppenwolf, Sweet, Supertramp, Shocking Blue, Shania Twain, Santana, Guns & Roses, Queen plus occasional schlager. Mostly music with very rare IDs. For about an hour or so, nearly every artist started with “S” (Yoder, PA via UK web receiver/FRN 794)

Radio Altex
6220, 1808. Culture Club's Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? song. Huge signal and mooing cows. Noted in passing. (Yoder via Bedford, UK web receiver/FRN 796)

Radio Merlin Internatinal
6300, 1850-2000. Hi to everyone on Dr. Tim’s chat. Lots of short echo jingles. ‘50s and early ‘60s American rock music: My Boyfriend’s Back, Stand by Me, Ain’t That a Shame, Rubber Ball, Tequila, Heartbreak Hotel, That’ll Be the Day. DJ with some time checks, said hi to me for my e-mail, comments about how the records were skipping and he needed to put coins on the tone arm to keep it steady. Said one was a 12” arcade record. Also 6300, hrd later 1300+ female announ cer DJ with music by Argent, George Michael, Foreigner, KISS, ZZ Top, etc. Gave out e-mail and phone numbers. Said she was located in Liverpool and she pre-records her shows. Sounded like it was running from cassette that was either tight or being run from an unstable voltage because the playback speed varied a little. A lot of bleedover from an adjacent-channel station. (Yoder, PA via UK web receiver/FRN 794)

Radio Trans Europe
6300, 1400-1414.* Played a few rock songs, then signed off. Said 70 watts and that he hoped to be back later. Nice signal on the tuner. (Yoder, PA via UK web receiver/FRN 794)

Radio Underground
3905, 2000-2100.+ Steve listening to Radio Caroline’s RSL from Ross Revenge, RC having tech problems with Internet, etc. Said he could hear storms on 48 m, so 76m probably wasn’t the best choice. Giving phone numbers for those inside and outside the “uck” (UK). 44-077-510-13709 Odd mix of pop music, including one whistling tune. Occasional brief blasts of digital data from a utility. Played Alan Parsons tune -I, Robot and said it makes him think of Austin Powers, but he couldn’t think of the name, so he asked for some listener participation. (Yoder, PA via UK web receiver/FRN 794)

Radio Vendor
6310, 1747-1807.* Schlager and Dutch country music. Male DJ with announcements in Dutch, 1805 into instrumental techno with announcements over top. Transmitter off immediately thereafter. I guess this was the sign off announcement. Noted later on 6325, 1820-1829.* Instrumental Schlager song with whistling, then another song that the DJ talked over. “This is Radio Vendor…and I hope you enjoyed the music from the Netherlands. I’m closing down here.” Then an announcement in Dutch. Into another instrumental song, then off and back on the air mid-song several times and finally off for good after end of song. (Yoder via Bedford, UK web receiver/FRN 796)

Sky Lab Radio
6280, 1833-1843.+ Eagles' song Take It Easy. Clear station ID, followed by Eagles' song One of these Nights. Weaker and in more noise than most stations I hear on this receiver, but I think the transmitter was either a bit overmodulated or getting some RF feedback. Sounded live someone else signed on frequency at 1841 and created a nasty heterodyne. It was a big mess at 1843. (Yoder via Bedford, UK web receiver/FRN 796)