Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blog Logs

How's the DX from your listening post ? Thanks to all the contributors for sharing their latest monitoring results.

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on / sign-off*

Logs edited for clarity

5995, Radio Australia, (Brandon) 0917-0921. Tok Pisin service with SINPO 23432. Via Shepparton transmitter on 6020, 0921-0926 in Tok Pisin(Lucio Otavio Bobrowiec, Brazil/HCDX)

9745, Radio Bahrain (presumed) 0250-0300. Arabic service including Qu'ran recitations. Very poor signal, fading down into the noise most of the time. Just enough side interference from the BBC starting at 0300 to make further reception impossible. (Jim Evans, TN).

5952.41, Radio Pio Doce 1049-1100. Male/female duo with the news and frequent station IDs. Time checks and no interferences observed until 1058 when China Radio Int'l signed on 5955. (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX).

6134.797, Radio Santa Cruz, 2343-0015. Instructional type programming contained announcer's dictating Alpha numeric items. Station identification at 0000, followed by station promotionals and return to instructional program. Signal was fair. Herard also on 6134.843, 0919-0930. Booming in with non-stop Mexicana style music-possibly from the same single album. Signal was good.(Chuck Bolland, FL).

5939.84, Voz Misionaria (presumed) 1013-1015. Religious vocals to male's Portuguese religious message. Fair signal with interference on both sides. (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

5990, Radio Senado, *0859-0915. Station sign-on with Brazilian pop music. Opening Portuguese ID announcement at 0900 for good signal. (Brian Alexander, PA).

6079.9, Radio Daqui Goiania (tentative)0056-0105. Announcer's Portuguese talk and ID announcement. Station jingle and ad-string. Poor signal with signal splash until 0100. (Scott Barbour, NH).

6165, RNT N'Djamena, 2144-2232.* Male announcer's French talk to African hi-life music. Drums signal and station ID to indigenous music at 2215. Announcer's sign-off over music at 2230. (Scott Barbour, NH).

6010.04, La Voz de tu Conciencia 1004-1040. Mix of Colombian music, chat and religious talk in SPanish. Heard mention of "Desde Puerto Lleras, Colombia..." and mention of 1530 kilohertz. Signal faded by 1040. (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX).

6030, Radio Oromiya, *0322-0345. Sign-on with marimba interval signal. Opening announcement in listed Oromo at 0330. Local Horn of Africa style music at 0332. Fair but some adjacent channel splatter. (Brian Alexaner, PA).

9705, Radio Ethiopia (Adiis Ababa) 2056-2100.* Vernacular service with up-beat music and Afro pops. Announcements between techno music bits at 2057. Sign-off and national anthem during fair signal quality. (Scott Barbour, NH).

6189.92, Deutschlandfunk Berlin-Britz, 2322-2334. Annnouncer's German text at tune-in 2324. Classical music program amid poor signal quality - but improving. (Scott Barbour, NH).

17695, Radio Farda, 1530-1545. Live comments from announcer between music selections. Noted 'canned' station ID during brief break. Language may be Persian, and listed as via Biblis, Germany transmitter. (Chuck Bolland, FL).

7125, Rdif Nationale, 0625-0650. Afro-pop music to high-life music. Local cora music to French announcements. Fair signal. (Brian Alexander, PA).

5010, All India Radio-Thiruvananthapuram, 0021-0035. Vhandi Mataram at tune-in to announcer's items and bits of Hindi music. Wind instruments at 0029 into English newscast at 0029.(Scott Barbour,NH).

15075, All India Radio-Bangaluru, 0237-0250. Kannada service (per schedule) with Hindi music. Talk from lady announcer over music at 0250. Good signal, the strongest this year on 15075 kHz. Parallel noted on 11985 kHz (also Bangaluru) with similar strength, but less atmospheric noise. (Jim Evans, TN).

9835, Sarawak FM/RTM Kajang, 1036. Male/female duo in listed Malaysian. Heard passing mention of Malaysia over the music at 1038. Tentative on a jingle and ad-string during poor signal quality. (Scott Barbour, NH).6049.63 Asyik FM, 1143-1230.+ Pop vocals to "Asyik FM" jingle and ten minutes of announcer's chat with phone calls. Good signal - now the best low-band RTM outlet, now that 5030 and 6100 remain off the air. Klaskik Nasional usually has a fair/good signal as well. (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX).

9635, RTVM, *0759-0807. Abrupt sign-on with vernacular talk. Rustic local music. Fair signal in noisy conditions. Off the air approximately at 0807. Continued to monitor this frequency to 0835, but never did return to the air. (Brian Alexander, PA).9635, 0921-0940, in French with tribal music and female announcer's comments. (Lucio Otavio Bobrowiec, Brazil/HCDX)

6009.9, Radio Mil, Mexico City, 0951-1005. Pops at tune-in to announcer's Spanish text at 1000. Station ID and ad-string. Music resumes as signal improves after 1000. (Scott Barbour, NH). 6009.96, 1103-1135. "Radio Mil" ID and mix of music and chat. Typical 'wake-up fare' and ad-strings at 1121. Signal up and down sometimes quite good, while others are tough to copy. (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX).

4755, PMA-The Cross Radio (tentative) 0941-0956. Announcer's alternating chat between soft music selections - sounding somewhat like folk music. Signal too weak to be Brazil. (Lucio Otavio Bobrowiec, Brazil/HCDX)

9705, LV de Sahel Niamey, 2101-2143. Audible after Ethiopia signs-off with continous format of male announcer's lenghtly talks between bits of vocal chants. Fair signal quality at best. (Scott Barbour, NH).

Papua New Guinea
5960, Radio Fly 1158-1230. "Radio Fly" jingle to usual programming of older English pop music. Few, if any announcements. Good signal, best in a long time - but noted fair by 1230. (John Wilkins, Co/Cumbre DX)

Solomon Islands
5020, SIBC (Honiara) 0922-0933. Female announcer in non-stop Tok Pisin language, able to catch words like, "family, tomorrow and between" Consistent interference from 5025 via Cuba's Radio Rebelde. SINPO 33333. (Scott Barbour, NH).

6130, Xizang PBS Lhasa, 2342-0002. Music and talk is listed Tibetan. Signal buried under band noise. Indigenous music and a possible ID at 0000. Lady announcer's 'echo effect' into alternating announcements. Heard on // 7385 kHz that was good until Romanian interval signal at 2358. (Scott Barbour, NH).

3945, Radio Vanuatu, 0937. Announcer's indigenous music and talk. Signal audible when not blown out by amateur radio interference on 3947. (Scott Barbour, NH). 3945, 0857-0907 with poor signal quality. (Lucio Otavio Bobrowiec, Brazil/HCDX)