Monday, August 01, 2011

Radio Taiwan International launches new English website

Radio Taiwan International (RTI) launched a new English web site on Monday (Aug 1), which is also the station's 83rd anniversary.

At a reception Monday, Government Information Office (GIO) Minister Philip Yang urged the national broadcaster to continue its role of promoting Taiwan in the international community.

"RTI has introduced Taiwan's voice and its beauty to the international community. It has played a crucial role in seeking more international support. In this regard, RTI is the government's main supporter and a channel of communication," said Yang.

In a congratulatory message, President Ma Ying-jeou called on RTI to continue to emphasize innovation. He said it should also promote Taiwan's multiculturalism at the same time. Meanwhile, RTI Chairman Chang Jung-kung said RTI is a window on the Republic of China on Taiwan.

"The new English web site launched today is RTI's way of promoting the Republic of China. The website is a bridge that connects RTI and the Republic of China to the rest of the world," said Chang.

Check out the website at :
(Alokesh Gupta,VU3BSE, New Delhi/playdx2003)