Monday, August 01, 2011

Yoder's Euro Pirate Listening

This week's edition of FRW, included some recent European pirate station loggings from Andrew Yoder. Thanks as always to the folks at Free Radio Weekly.

All times UTC

Blue Star Radio
6219, 1524. Pop schlager music, nice signal in UK. Test counts, said testing with 3 watts, a bit of English, then a lot of talk in Dutch. Seemed to be saying hi to some people, including Radio Tina. “You are listening to Blue Star Radio testing with 3 watts on 6219 kHz.” Fading & SSB QRM by 1537. Off at 1541 and back on with a very strong signal, hitting S9+10 on the web radio. Evidently, this was a different transmitter. (Yoder via Bedford UK receiver)

Pink Panther Radio
6510, 1555- A “Somebody to Love” mashup,schlager, odd techno Schlager cover of “It’s a Small World Afterall,” Schlager cover of “Funkytown” (!), Stars on 45, Dolly Parton “9 to 5,” clear IDs, strong SSB QRM around 1610, giving out web address, “Pink Panther 6-5-1-0, good evening.” (Yoder via Bedford UK receiver)

Radio Black Power
6325, 1723-1813. Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac “Don’t Stop,” Freddy Fender “Wasted Days & Wasted Nights,” cover of “Beast of Burdon,” Queen “Radio Ga Ga.” A number of jingles, but I kept thinking it was “Radio Tower” or “Radio Power” and I got the ID from the UKDXer blog. (Yoder via Bedford UK receiver)

Radio Marconi
6310, 1817-1830. Schlager & disco music with no IDs. Huge signal. (Yoder via Bedford UK receiver)

Radio Titantic
6300, 1830-1850+. DJ Captain John. “You are listening to Radio Titanic with lots of music on 6-3-oh-oh kilocycles in the 48 meter band.” Shocking Blue "Sally Was a Good Old Girl"dedicated to the UK, Ramjam “Black Betty.” “I am hoping that the music is fine…I hope that you keep listening. I’m in here for half hour, 45 minutes…” Sig reports “Can you keep an eye on my audio?” I haven’t heard Titanic since it was relayed via the NAPRS about 15 years ago. Great to hear again! (Yoder via Bedford UK receiver)

Trans Europe Radio
6425, 1912-1924.* DJ switching between mics and asking which one sounds the best. Announced gmail address. Strong signal. “the pirate station from the southwestern part of the Netherlands.” “Hope the frequency is clear” (sounded wide open here).Herman’s Hermits “There’s a Kind of Hush” (Yoder via Bedford UK receiver)

Skyline Radio
3905, 1935+ “Blue Suede Shoes” “Love Is in the Air” skipping between songs…You can hear lots of talking and laughing at a very low level in the background. Some Dutch announcements. Peaking up around S9+50 (Yoder via Bedford UK receiver)
(FRW 807 via John Sedlacek)