Monday, August 01, 2011

QSL Report Central

extra QSLs to share with our readers...


HCJB Global Voice, 15525 kHz. Verification letter, unsigned. Received in 40 days for report posted at l. (Tom Banks, TX)

Radio Bangladesh, 7250 kHz. QSL card signed by Senior Engineer Research & Receiving Centre, Bangladesh Betar, Mr. Abu Tabib Mohammed Zia Hasan. (Dimitry Kutuzov)

Radio Station Belarus, 6010 kHz. Full data card signed by Naum Galperovich-Head Station Manager. Received for report posted to: (Salvi, Italy)

Radio Clube do Para, 4885 kHz. No data letter, plus a personal letter from Camilio Centeno, Director. Station website: (B Clement, OR)

Radio Imaculada, Campo Grande, 4755 kHz. E-QSL reply from Maria Sanmarchi. Received in 16 days for report to: (Korinek, SA)

Radio Senado, 5990 kHz. QSL card, letter and souvenir postcard from Marcela Macedo Dimiz, Coordinatora. received in 62 days. Address: Praca dos tres Poderes, Senado Federl, Annexo II, Bloco B, Terreo, CEP-70165-900 Brasilia, Brazil (Norbet, Germany)

Voice of Vietnam relay, 6175 kHz. Full data station card with site notation. Received in 15 weeks for report sent to: Voice of Vietnam, 58 Quan Su Street, Hanoi, Vietnam, (Fernandes, Spain)

China National Radio-1, Changzhou 600kQ, 1593 Am kHz. Full data card in 60 days. Station address: P.O. Box 4501, Beijing 100866, China. (Molano, Spain)

HJCG Radio Sante Fe, 1070 kHz AM. Email follow-up report to . Received reply in 16 minutes from Ivan Augusto Briceno Linares, Owner. (Molano, Spain)

Deutsche Welle, 13855 kHz. Full data QSL card plus schedule and station brochure. Reception report to: Customer Service, D-53110 Bonn, Germany. (Tom Banks, TX).

XETOT Tampico, Tamaulipas, 1190 kHz AM. Email report to . Received E-QSL from Felipe de Jesus in five days. (Molano, Spain)

Radio Pridnestrovie, 9665 kHz. E-QSL in one day from Anatoly Kirsa, Director, for report to: .(Fernandez, Spain)

Medi i, 9575 kHz. Personal letter and stickers. Received in 13 weeks for report to (Fernandez, Spain)

Papua New Guinea
Radio Fly, 5960/39125 kHz. No data color logo card with initials signature. Received after being mailed out by Ok Tedi Mining Limited on July 11. Nice stamps on the envelope. one for “China-PNG Diplomatic Ties - 25th Anniversary 1976-2001”; somewhat disappointed that no data was filled in regarding my reception (a do-it-yourself card?); I need to email James Kaltobie and gently explain that listeners would appreciate having the reception data filled in. Station address: Radio Fly, Ok Tedi Mining Limited, P.O. Box 1, Tabubil, Western Province, Papua New Guinea. As nice as it is to now have their QSL card, I value much more the insightful correspondence I have had with various members of the Radio Fly staff during the past five months (Ron Howard,Monterey, CA)

Special thanks to Alokesh Gupta for sending in the following information on QSLs he has received from January - June 2011. This is a portion of his report, look for more in future editions of QSL Report Central.

Australia, HCJB Australia, 15400 kHz. E-QSL in four days from 'Margaret.'
Cyprus, CyBC, 9760 kHz. E-QSL in 25 days.
Czech Republic, Radio Prague 5930 in 25 days (last Day on SHortwave)
Equatorial Guinea, Radio East Africa 15190 kHz. 135 days from Jeff Bernard
France, Radio Taiwan Int'l relay 12055 kHz
France, TDF Radio + Disco Palace, 15775 via Ludo Maes
Germany, Adventist World Radio, 11675 kHz. Full data card via Adrian Peterson
India, Gurgaon Ki Awaaz, 107.8 FM. Received in two hours via Ari Jaman