Monday, August 22, 2011

Blog Logs

Thanks to the contributors, for today's edition of Blog Logs.

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on / sign-off*

Logs edited for clarity

6102 Radio Afghanistan, Kabul, 1620-1630.* Traditional songs with sporadic talk by female voice mentioning "Afghanistan." Additional songs and final announcement with talk in local language to sign off. (Leonardo Bolli/playdx)

060, RAE, Buenos Aires 2314-0020. Spanish talks about Brazil vs Paraguay game. Live report about Chile vs Venezuela game with station ID at 2341. Signal fair with splatter from 6070 kHz. (Mikhail Timofeyev, Russia/HCDX)

4865.01, Radio Logos (tentative). heard as early as 0930 on 4865, but more often showing up closer to 1000 UTC. Program fairly consistent with mellow nondescript canciones, but more frequently Spanish vocals. Typical snippets with mentions of "musica...siempre por Biblia...onda corta." (Ralph Perry, IL/HCDX).

5952.46 Radio Pio Doce 0035-0059.* Spanish text to usual closing theme music which is the distinctive whistling of Colonel Bogey March (also known as Radio Kwai March). Closing ID announcements and early sign-off. Signal poor in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6134.83, Radio Santa Cruz, 1013-1025. Male/female announcer's Spanish comments. May be a instructional program. Signal was good. (Chuck Bolland, FL)6134.8, 0948-1002. Spanish ballad music to announcer's talk. Station ID at 1001. (Jim Evans, TN).

11855.94, Radio Aparacida, 2205-2214. Portuguese talks noted as weak under local noise // 9629.93 weak. (Mikhail Timofeyev, Russia/HCDX)

4845, Radio Cultura Ondas Tropicals, 2228-2244. Portuguese talks including live report about Vasco Atletico Parananse soccer game. (Mikhail Timofeyev, Russia/HCDX)

4915, Radio Difusora 2203-2224. Portuguese talks to Amazonian slow music tunes. Radio sermon with local noise and signal splashes from 4920 kHz. (Mikhail Timofeyev, Russia/HCDX)

5939.860 (tentative) Voz Missionaria, Cambori├║. Fade into Europe at 2340. Signal S=6-7 tiny signal in Portuguese. // 11749.923 kHz. (Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany/HCDX)

5970, Radio Itatiaia. Channel clear at 0999 when noted ad string in progress to announcer in Portuguese at 0905. Station ID as, "Bom dia..transmite Radio a musica que voce ama." Lenghty live announcement in Portuguese (Ralph Perry, IL/HCDX)

6165, RNT *0428-0437. Station sign-on with balafon interval signal to national anthem at 0430. French announcements at 0431 to local tribal music and hi-life music. SIgnal fair with very weak co-channel interference and occasional adjacent signal splatter. (Brian Alexander, PA).

Radio Oromiya, *0323-0345. Station sign-on with marimba music and opening announcement at 0030 in listed Oromo. Lite style music at 0332. Signal weak with poor adjacent signal splatter. (Brian Alexander, PA).

4780, Radio Djibouti, 0312-0330. Arabic service with Koran recitations. Comments from male announcer, noting poor signal with minimal fading. (Jim Evans, TN)

3290.00, Voice of Guyana, 0929-0945. Brief segment of Rap music until 0930 when ID given as, "this is the VOG, The Voice of Guyana ..." Two short promos followed, then into regular pop music. Signal was fair. (Chuck Bolland, FL) 3290, Voice of Guyana 0920 cover for John Lennon's "Imagine." Good opening. (Robt Wilkner, FL/Cumbre DX]

3325, RRI Palangkaraya (tentative) 2134-2146. Indonesian from announcers to brief musical fragments. Poor under local noise, and weak due to propagation. (Mikhail Timofeyev, Russia/HCDX)

5985.843. Myanmar Radio (tentative) with Burmese gongs and southeast Asian songs at 2356. Tiny signal S=6, co-channel interference on even 5985 by WYFR Okechobee Florida and WYFR hymn at 2359. (Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany/HCDX)

9930, WHRI relay, 0918-0928. Religious programming to closing prayer. Announcement at 0927 to music and continued talk. Signal poor to moderate signal strength with fading. (Jim Evans, TN).

Papua New Guinea
3204.9, Radio Sandaun, Vanimo 1020-1100. Noted station 17 and 16 August, signal improves to 1050 peak [Robt Wilkner, FL/Cumbre DX]

5039.12, Radio Libertad, 0953-1000. Steady Peruvian music mixed with the noise. Male announcer in Spanish at 0955 with comments. Signal was threshold. Subsequent logging 5039.17, 1000-1015. Mainly heard steady music during the period with a male's Spanish items between segments of music. Signal was fair. (Chuck Bolland,FL).

Pirate (US)
6924AM, Capt. Morgan Shortwave, 0128-0204. I heard no ID, but the good Captain thanked me via e-mail for a post on the FRN. Rock music from Jimi Hendricks, also Love One Another Right Now, Summertime by Trini Lopez, Summer Rain, and other music. Signal faint and noisy. (Ron Hunsicker, PA/FRW 808)

6924.82AM, Capt. Morgan Shortwave, 0050-0115.* Classic rock & roll music to Manhattan Transfer's Twilight Zone song to Billy Joel music. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6925 AM, WBOG, 2356-0016.* Country style music to male announcer. During a radio skit, someone said, "firing laser banks..." Mostly unusable, but occasionally a clear signal came through. Weak signal, an approaching thunderstorm and some sideband interference made listening difficult. SINPO 23341 to rarely 33343. (Ron Hunsicker, PA/FRW 810)

6925USB, Northwoods Radio. (time ?) Jack Pine Savage with live show of mostly metal music, including Bon Jovi “Livin on a Prayer” but also Eagles “Hotel California” Nice signal, some noise, but S-meter bouncing along with the modulation and peaking at S9+5. Mentioned all of the places that he's been logged tonight. Lots of loon calls and some of the standard “broadcasting freedom from the Great Lakes” promos. Ad for Hartford insurance snuck in. (Andrew Yoder, PA/FRW 808)

6925 AM, Southern Relay Service, 0300.+ WBNY show with a gameshow parody, fake ad for a nudist colony, and a "Stairway to Heaven" parody. "SRS" ID at end of the show 6925 8/3 0350+ Decent sig, but t-storms within about 20-30 miles away, so mostly buried in static crashes. Couldn't tell what it was relaying, but heard a lot of music that sounded like it was in the Voice of Next Thursday realm. Clear computer YL ID around 0445 & another just before QRT (I believe around 0500). (Andrew Yoder, PA/FRW 808)

6954.80 AM, The Voice of the Box. 0126-0158.* Email: . Rap music - some rather raw. Using a grenade transmitter. SSTV at the end. Signal weak with noise. (Ron Hunsicker, PA/FRW 808)

5930.00, Radio Rossii, (presumed) 1000-1015. Live broadcast of Russian service news presented by male/female announcer duo. Too much splatter is hitting Rossii from WWCR on 5935 KHz, 5930.00 was fair.(Chuck Bolland, FL)

4989.91, Radio Apintie, (presumed) 0945-1000. Noted a faint but distinctive signal here with a female in comments that fades in periodically. Overall the signal was threshold. (Chuck Bolland, FL)