Monday, August 29, 2011

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on / sign-off*

Logs edited for clarity

6102, Radio Afghanistan, Kabul, *1526-1630.* Ethnic music till 1530, English ID and news headlines. News bulletin with the usual long list of casualties due to terrorist attacks, traditional songs with sporadic talk by female voice mentioning "Afghanistan", then songs. Final announcement in Urdu. In USB only, since LSB is plagued by a utility station. Fair to good signal(SIO 333). (D'Amico, Bernardini and Bolli/DXW435)

11710.5, RAE, General Pacheco, Buenos Aires, 0218-0307. Tango music, news headlines in English, 2+1 time pips at 0230. Male announcer continued speaking to more tango music followed by several IDs and talk. Interval signal at 0258 until 0300 when a series of multi-lingual IDs were heard followed by the French program. Poor to fair signal quality. (D’Angelo/DWX435)

6070, Belaruskaje Radyjo 1, Brest, 0120-0130. Belarusian talk mentioning Belarus. Station ID 0130, piano. SINPO 45444 // 6010 (33433), 6040 (42442) and 7280 (45444). (Petersen/DXW435)

5952.39, R Pio Doce, Siglo Veinte, *1031-1058. Announcement about an event "este viernes." Local news items, with man and woman alternating, several phone calls were taken. Fair signal at tune-in but losing steam and bothered by *1058 of CRI (China Radio International) on 5955. Noted several times this week coming on right around 1030. (Wilkins in DXplorer/DXW435)

6134.784, Radio Santa Cruz, 0010-0105. Male's Spanish comments over the music. Initially the signal was very poor but a touchup on the tuning help improve it to a fair level. Music was sim-clasical it seemed as the male continued to comment. Newscast at 0100, followed by music during fair signal. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

5952.47, Radio Pio Doce, 0005-0122. Spanish talk to station ID. Nice Bolivian music. Fair but must use ECSS-LSB to avoid Radio Republica and jammer on high side.(Brian Alexander, PA)

4877.19-4878.98, Radio Difusora Roraima, Boa Vista, RR, 0030-0305 and 0840-0944. Lively program of Brasilian pop vocals, jingle ID at 0136, canned ID in Portuguese at 0214, more formal ID at 0228. Vocal music for good signal with drift, but distorted audio. This often is the strongest signal on 60 meters in South Florida. (D’Angelo and Wilkner). Also heard at 0345-0358.* Portuguese announcement, Brazilian ballads, and national anthem. Poor in noisy conditions. (Alexander in DXplorer/DXW435)

4915, Radio Daqui, Goiânia, GO, 2100-0034. Religious songs and talks, ID: "Rádio Daquí", SINPO 24322. (Daqui and Marumby on 6079.95 have very alike program...). (Bernardini and Méndez). Also heard at 0937-0945 with ballad music, Portuguese ID at 0939, religious talk, fair signal.(Wlodarski/DXW435)

6089.95, Radio Bandeirantes, 2320-2325. Portuguese talk. Poor to fair but covered by Anguilla 6090 at their 2325 sign on. // 9645.37 - fair to good. // 11925.22 - very weak. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6165, Rdiff. Nat. Tchadienne, N’Djaména, *0428-0442. Balafon interval signal, orchestral national anthem to opening ID and French announcement. Mix of talking with lively French pop vocals. Fair. (D’Angelo). Also heard at 2226-2232*, Afro pop music, 2230 ID in French. National anthem, good signal. (D’Angelo and Wlodarski/DXW435)

7310, Radio Dardasha 7, via Wertachtal, *0300-0329.* Instrumental music opening followed by man/female announcers with ID and announcement. Mix of Arabic talks, discussion with instrumental music in background and between segments, jingle ID at 0322 and closing ID with e-mail address at 0327. Fair. (D’Angelo/DXW435)

11945, Hamada Radio International, via Wertachtal, *1929-1958.* Open carrier followed by ID, brief music into Hausa news and news features. Remote reports and interviews, several IDs at 1957 and contact information. Carrier cut while another man began more features. Fair but noisy conditions. (D’Angelo/DXW435)

5909.90, Al Alcaraván Radio, Lomalinda, 0109-0200, Aug 20 and 21, nice songs, canned IDs and live talks, fair. (Bolland and Bernardini). Also heard at 0431-0620, Aug 21, Latin American songs, ID: "Esta es la hora en los1530 AM, 11 de la noche 38 minutos", "Alcaraván Radio, Alcaraván compañero en 1530 AM y en la onda corta 5910 kHz., Alcaraván Radio, desde Colombia", "Alcaraván Radio, música 100% colombiana", 34433. (Méndez). Also heard at 0725-0805, Aug 13 and 20, local music and ID in Spanish at 0729, time pips at 0800, station ID and frequency ann, good signal. (Wlodarski/DXW435)

5909.90, Al Caravan Radio, 0145-0200. Noted plenty of music and in between tunes canned ID and live talk by a male. ID as, "Al Caravan Radio ...." Signal was a at good level. (Chuck Bolland, FL).

7125, Rdif Nationale, 0546-0615. Afro-pop music. Local chants. French announcements. Fair. (Brian Alexander, PA)

4970, AIR Shillong, 1256-1315. “Country Roads” Sunday show, DJ in English with Country and Western songs. Station ID: “North Eastern Service of All India Radio”, 1315 into Hindi, still with prominent hum. (Howard). Also heard at 1546, beautiful slow song by female in high-pitch voice with flutes, fair. (Bell/DXW435)

3325.00, RRI Palangkaraya, 2025-2135, Aug 10, Bahasa Indonesia ann, Indonesian songs in early Ramadan programme, talk by more persons, 2109 muslim chanting, 2118 talk, 35333. (Petersen). Also heard at 2209, Aug 10, slow Asiapop songs, 2230 official ann in Bahasa Indonesia, fair. (Bell/DXW435)

4749.929, RRI Makassar, 1001-1030. Religious prayers by a male lead and a chorus assisting. This is the typical Islamic praying noted here regularly. I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that Makassar has increased power today for this broadcast because the signal's quality is much better than it has been in the past. Usually I can barely hear the station during this time frame. Comments by announcer at 1009. Signed noted as fair-ggod. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

5010, Radio Madagasikara, 0229-0245. Carrier + LSB. Tune-in to interval signal. Choral national anthem at 0230. Talk in listed Malagasy at 0232. Local Afro-pop music. Local choral music. Signal poor. Weak to very weak signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5995, ORTM, Kati, Bamako, 2012-2326, Aug 16, 18 and 20, male singer with group backing vocals, horn, percussion, picked guitar, ID as ”Radio Nationale, Bamako”, Afropop music, Hilife, French talks on music “tradition; le connexion”. Progressive enhancement, 33533. (D'Amico, Bell and Otávio/DXW435) 5995, ORTM, *0555-0610. Sign on with guitar interval signal. National anthem at 0558. Flute interval signal at 0559. Opening French announcements at 0600. Local chants at 0602. Weak to very weak with adjacent channel
splatter. (Brian Alexander, PA)

4755.45, The Cross Radio, Pohnpei, 0941-1030*, Aug 13, 15 and 17, sounded like a sermon “kind of world; not usual a miracle; God” in progress, music at 1029, possibly to end the program; tuned out for a couple of minutes and when I came back at 1032, they had left the air, 25422. (Otávio, Wilkins in DXplorer). But heard later at 1325-1430, Aug 11, Christian songs, ID, songs continued and were noted on several checks till 1430, when signal had almost faded out, 35343. (Sellers/DXW435)

Solomon Islands
5019.9, SIBC, Hniara, 0922-1001. With Cuba power down on 5025 Aug 08. Much too close to Cuba in Florida for pleasant reception of Solomon, Aug 14, non-stop Tok Pisin talks, able to catch few words like “family, tomorrow, between”. Consistent QRM of 5025 R Rebelde, 33333. (Otávio and Wilkner). Heard better in British Colombia at 1155-1203*, Aug 09, Country song, ann, devotion in English, national anthem, SINPO 25342. (Sellers/DXW435)

Sri Lanka
11905, SLBC, *0020-0100. Sign on with local drums. National anthem at 0021. More drums and local music at 0022. Opening Hindi announcements at 0025 followed by religious recitations and Hindi chants. Local music at 0030. Hindi vocals. Fair. (Brian Alexander,

15275, Radio Thailand, *0000-0029. Sign on with opening English ID announcements. English news at 0002. Ad for Bangkok Airways. Ad for local restaurant. Talk about US politics. Fair to good but only a threshold signal at 0029 when they switch antenna beam headings from Eastern to Western North America. (Brian Alexander, PA)