Monday, August 01, 2011

MTXpress brings you the latest !

DXers are you looking for THE source of current by-hour worldwide shortwave broadcast schedules - including ALL language services ?

A complete schedule that includes all broadcasting languages, is now available as an exclusive service to subscribers of Monitoring Times electronic magazine -- MTXpress.

This e-zine eliminates the hassles of slow or non-postal delivery, torn print issues, and the higher cost of print magazines. You get a monthly electronic Adobe pdf file in full color, completely searchable and that can be printed. It is also easy to store and read. Sight-impaired subscribers to MTXpress can have issues read to them using the Jaws Adobe plugin. Now our new MTXtra Shortwave Broadcast Guide includes all foreign language broadcasts on shortwave in the same format that we use in the monthly printed MT English Shortwave Guide.

MT breaks the schedules down by hour, station and by frequency, plus MT is the only shortwave schedule service that updates schedule information monthly. Now you can get MTXpress and the new comprehensive MTXtra Shortwave Broadcast Guide each month for a yearly price of $19.95US worldwide. No matter where you live, MTXpress and the new MTXtra guide has the shortwave information and schedules you want at a very affordable price. To get more information on MTXpress/MTXtra or to order, go to .
(Gayle Van Horn, Frequency Manager, Monitoring Times)