Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Blog Logs

Logs edited for clarity

// parallel frequency *sign-on / sign-off*

All times UTC

5952.41, Radio Pio Doce, 1035. Fair signal, clear frequency despite hissing ambient noise on band. Morning 'noticiero' in Spanish and frequent mentions of Bolivia. Female announcer noted at 1043 into taped ad string. Quite reliable in the mornings lately, not sure how long this will hold up. (Ralph Perry, IL/Cumbre DX)

6134.827, Radio Santa Cruz, 0935-1000. Male announcer's Spanish comments to 9943, followed by music. Comments resumed, plus more music. Signal at fair level to full 'cannned' ID as, "... Radio Santa Cruz ..." over music. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

9819.62, Radio 9 de Julho, (presumed) 0305-0330. Portuguese talk to lite instrumental music. Portuguese religious music. Poor signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

15190.05, Radio Inconfidência, 2345-0020. Portuguese and US pop music. Portuguese ballads and Portuguese talk. Weak but readable. // 6009.98 - weak, poor with adjacent channel splatter. (Brian Alexander, PA)

4780, Radio Djibouti, *0306-0345. Abrupt sign on with Qur`an. Arabic talk at 0318. Indigenous vocals at 0330. Fair signal quality. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6050, HCJB, Quito-Pifo, 1158-1200. Male's Spanish comments, then male/female music talk-overs at 1159. Pips on the hour followed by ID and announcements. Moderate signal strength with minimal fading. (Jim Evans, TN)

7174.99, Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea - Program 2, *0255-0330. Sign on with interval signal. Vernacular talk at 0300. Horn of Africa music. Fair signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

9705, Radio Ethiopia, *0258-0320. Sign on with interval signal and opening announcements. National anthem at 0259. Chimes at 0300 and Amharic talk. Horn of Africa music. Fair signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

4750.00, Radio Makassar, 11:50-1200. At tune in, noted Qur'an recitations followed by annoucer's comments in Indonesian Music presented at 1152. Signal was fair. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

11600, Radio Télévision Libye - Radio Libye, 1712-1732.* French talk. Short breaks of lite instrumental music. Abrupt sign off. Fair signal. Not heard earlier between 1600-1630. Very erratic schedule lately. Heard at *1714-1805*. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5010.00, Radio Madagasikara, 0218-0240. Carrier + USB. Local Afro-pop music. Short 25 second interval signal at 0226 followed by choral national anthem. Opening ID announcements at 0229. Malagasy talk. Local Afro-pop music. “La Bamba” song. Poor in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)

9835, RTM (Sarawak FM), Kajang, 1213-1221. Pop ballad music with an Asian sound. Talk in Malay by a man at 1221. Poor signal strength, slowly fading down to barely above the noise at 1221. (Jim Evans, TN)

7110 Myanma Radio. Almost a daily visitor around 1300 with easy-listening local hits. (Ralph Perry, IL/Cumbre DX)

Radio Sultanate of Oman 13750. Caught at 1433 with Arabic to eastern Africa. Koranic chanting into long-winded discussion program between two men. Fair signals, considering the broadcast is supposed to be beamed to eastern Africa. (Al Muick, PA/HCDX)

3329.53, Ondas del Huallaga, Huánuco 1008-1015. Lively Peruvian music, CHU notched. (Robert Wilkner/HCDX)

4826.316, Radio Sicuani, Sicuani, Cusco 2310. Deep fades for announcer in Spanish. Music also, plus noted fading out 1115-1125. (Robert Wilkner, FL/HCDX)

5460.1, Radio Bolivar Cd. Slight drift, energetic male announcer in Spanish 2350-0025(Robert Wilkner, FL/HCDX)

5921.26, Radio Bethel, Arequipa. Station noted at 2326-0007. (Robert Wilkner, FL/HCDX)

6173.9, Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cusco 1000-1035. Male announcer's talk entire period. Noted in as late as 1115 on subsequent rechecks. (Robert Wilkner, FL/HCDX)

7200, SRTC, *0255-0328. Abrupt sign on with Arabic talk. Chirping birds at 0259. Local chants at 0320. Fair, but covered by Iran at their 0328 sign on. (Brian (Alexander, PA)

9720, Radio Thailand, Udon Thani, 1231-1235. English service newscast with emphasis on issues concerning Thailand and India. Moderate signal strength with a small amount of fading. (Jim Evans, TN)

9500, CVC International, Tashkent, 1303-1305. Contemporary religious music followed at 1305 by talk in Hindi. Poor signal but steady signal in lots of noise. (Jim Evans, TN)