Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blog Logs

*sign-on / sign-off* // parallel frequency

loggings edited for clarity

All times UTC

7530, Radio Tirana. Signal on the air at 2058:58 and immediately into interval signal. Musicto lady announcer's voice-over ID and English schedule announcement. News opening announcement from announcer, followed by music. Strong signal. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre)

13363.5 LSB, Radio Continental, 0010-0102.* Spanish talk. Short breaks of instrumental music. ID. Fair signal. (Brian Alexander-PA/Cumbre)

4750.00, Radio Bangladesh Betar, 1200-1215. Female taking the mic between music until 1203 when some sort of religious programming begins with chanting and comments by the female. At 1206 a male begins talking with flute music in the background. Signal was fair to good.(Chuck Bolland, FL)

5952.48, Emisora Pio XII, 1030-1045. Muffled and weak signal here with a female's
Spanish comments. Can't clearly make out what she is saying for sure. At 1031 music heard as background. Getting a lot of splatter from nearby signal. Pio XII remained at a poor level during the period. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

15189.86, Radio Inconfidência, 0015-0040, Portuguese ballads. Portuguese talk. ID. Weak, // 6010 - weak, poor with adjacent channel splatter. (Brian Alexander-PA/Cumbre)
4878v, Rdif Roraima, 0335-0402:25.* Still heard here as a very distorted blob of noise. Portuguese talk. Sign off with national anthem. (Brian Alexander-PA/Cumbre)

4780, Radio Djibouti, *0323:30-0345. Late and abrupt sign on with Arabic talk. Horn of Africa style pop music. Local children’s chorus. Indigenous tribal music. Poor to fair signal. (Brian Alexander-PA/Cumbre)

6270, Radio Cairo, 2205. Male/female announcers with totally muffled talk to Middle Eastern instrumentals with good audio at 2211. Return of female announcer with slightly less muffled audio to station ID and mention of US Senator John McCain at 2213. Music instrumentals with good audio at 2214. Good signal wasted with muffled talk (Mark Coady, Canada/Cumbre)

9705, Radio Ethiopia, 2025-2101.* Local Horn of Africa music. Amharic talk. Sign off with national anthem at 2059. Good signal. (Brian Alexander-PA/Cumbre)

9705 Radio Ethiopia, 2045. Excellent signal with Horn of Afica pop music. Pop music and Arabic style songs. Male announcer at 2055 over the music. Usual news format and fanfares to brief news briefs. Canned station ID and mentions of "program" several times. ID sounds like "NEE-Jes-car Radio". Choral national anthem to 2101 and off. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre)

4055, Radio Verdad, 1108-1125. Tune-in to interval signal on electronic keyboard. National anthem at 1111. Opening multi-lingual ID announcements at 1116 along with contact information. Religious music at 1122 and Spanish talk. Fair at tune-in but poor in noise by 1125. (Brian Alexander, PA/HCDX)

3289.99, The Voice of Guyana/Guyana Broadcasting Corp., Georgetown. Very nice signal 2/17 0750 past 0835. Not rare DX by any means, but highly enjoyable;Noted with BBC relay at tune-in, which lasted until 0800, when local announcer said, "it is now 4 hours in Guyana . . . this is the Voice of Guyana, broadcasting on 560 kiloHertz in the medium wave band . . . and 102.5 megaHertz in FM stereo in Guyana . . ." Then a very nice choral national anthem to formally start their local broadcast day, sounding almost hymnlike. At 0404, live deejay again, "Good morning, everyone! This is the V-O-G, the Voice of Guyana. The Broadcasting Corporation of Guyana has its broadcasting house located at . . . and on 760 kiloHertz in the medium wave band . . . It is now 4 hours 4 minutes." Tuned away but on return at 0835, signal had further improved and delightful Hindi musical program in progress. (Ralph Perry, IL/playdx)

11600, Radio Télévision Libye - Radio Libye. Looking for Libya at various times between 1630-1800 UTC but nothing heard. (Brian Alexander-PA/Cumbre)

5010.00, Radio Madagasikara, 0218-0245. Carrier + USB. Tune-in to local African music. 25 second interval signal at 0229 followed by choral national anthem. Local guitar music and opening announcements at 0231. Malagasy talk. Local choral music. La Bamba song. Weak but readable. (Brian Alexander-PA/Cumbre)
7110, Myanmar Radio, 1105-1130. Local pop music. Vernacular talk. Weak but readable. Heard only a threshold signal when checked earlier around 1040.(Brian Alexander, PA)

5985.85, Myanma Radio, 1112-1146. Vernacular language. Pop easy-listening music and songs. Phone ringing and beginning of conversations, “Radio Myanma.”; Indigenous music at 1130 UTC, but no longer with chimes. One of their best receptions. Edited MP3 audio at

7110, Myanma Radio, 1133-1201. Distance Learning Service segment is longer than I first thought, perhaps 1130 to 1200 (or longer?). Sounds like they play a song or jingle between lectures (college song or theme song?). Along with marching band music and trumpet fanfares -a lecture on economics in vernacular. Many mentions of “economics” along with one sentence in English. “Economics is the study of economy and of similar . . .”(?), 1201 back to music. MP3 audio clip with English at 0:33 (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre)

9704.99, LV du Sahel, 2101-2301.* Threshold signal heard when Ethiopia signed off at 2101. Improved to a weak but readable level by 2140. Vernacular and French talk. Wide variety of indigenous music, Afro-pop and Euro-pop music. Qur`an at 2255:40. Short 20 second flute interval signal at 2259 followed bynNational anthem. Some adjacent channel splatter. (Brian Alexander-PA/Cumbre)

6173.89, presumed Radio Tawantinsuyu, Cusco. Tune-in and holding up past 1052. Weak to fair signal strength only. Reception best with narrowest bandwidth and in ECSS-LSB with notch deployed to knock out annoying het from Asian station on 6175.00. Couple male announcer's alternating in Spanish and occasionally presumed Quechua. Odd programming this morning, no music at all, and at first mistakenly thought might be taped replay from sporting event, from night before (had a bit of that kind of cadence to the announcements). But then noted many clear, live time checks in a "doubling-up" kind pattern throughout entire program of " . . . las cinco de la manana, las cinco de la manana, amigos oyentes. Adelante!! . . ." So, was a live broadcast. Most of the time, only fragments of speech were decipherable, such as at 1017, " . . . muy buenos dias, Cusco . . . la primera voz . . . de la patria . . ." Taped ads were noted at 1024 and 1047, during which hward different, more bassy-voiced man in studio echo effect. Almost sounded like live feed from remote, but at 5:30 a.m. in Cusco that doesn't make too much sense. Not sure what this was, but could have been live feed from Ash Wednesday morning procession or something else like that. Will be diligently patrolling this frequency in the mornings now and hoping for better conditions soon. (Ralph Perry, IL/Cumbre)

5039.18, Radio Libertad de Junin. Signal on the air at 0942:30. Music began at 0944:55. Long canned echo talk by announcer 0948-0955, then different male announcer to pleasant Latin American music. Another canned announcement at 1000. Music and farm animal (cows, chickens, crickets) SFX, and live studio announcer with long talk. Good signal. (Brian Alexaner, PA/Cumbre)

5120, Ondas del Suroriente. Found the signal came on at 1047:54.Programming finally started at 1104:10. Canned announcement by male announcer, but just couldn't copy. Fairly strong when the signal came on but it faded quickly in 15 minutes. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre)

4955, Radio Cultural Amauta. Suddenly on in mid-progrma at 1046:25 with nice campo music. Announcer in presumed Quechua, followed by choral music. Fanfare and very beautiful clear ID as - "desde cuidad de Huanta, transmite radio Cultural Amauta en FM 9?.9 estereo". Back to campo music at 1053 for about 45 seconds, then live studio male announcer again over the song with nice quick ID and talk. Mentioned a few cities and towns. Continued song, and announcer returned again at 1058:00 with another ID and more announcements. More of the same music and talk with mentions of Huanta, Pasco, cultural. Very nice signal. (Brian Alexander, PA/Cumbre)

6173.916, Radio Tawantinsuyo, 1034-1045. Male's Spanish comments with an adjacent signal on 6175.026 KHz causing a hetrodyne. Noted signal as very poor and muffled.(Chuck Bolland, FL)