Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monitoring Radio Vanuatu

Log edited for clarity

3945, Radio Vanuatu, Emten Lagoon, 1108-1233 UTC, Feb 07. Running well past their normal sign off time, in vernacular. Many IDs, talk in large room (poor audio), background sounds of phone ringing, and several mentions of “government of Vanuatu.” At 1121 - station promo: “hello. I am Captain Jesse Wilson, the Mission Commander for Pacific Partnership 2011 and when I am in Vanuatu, I listen to Radio Vanuatu.” Announcement at 1122 that at “half past ten” (1130 UT) there would be information about "Cyclone Jasmine." Pop songs, 1130-1138 Report about Cyclone Jasmine (wind speeds and direction), provided emergency phone number at Port Moresby and also a website. Pop island songs. Another update at 1216 on Cyclone Jasmine, 1225announcement. C&W music. Based on my daily monitoring of this, today was well above normal reception. Four minute edited MP3 audio at www.box.com/s/mzlrp4lvclnglrn07jac .
(Ron Howard, CA/DX WIndow 488)