Monday, September 17, 2012

Blog Logs

// parallel frequency *sign-on / sign-off*

logs edited for clarity

All times UTC

19000 Radio Australia Shepparton. Heard with a feature about sugar mills production and ID at 2331. S=8 signal strength in Queensland. // 17795 S=8, 17750 only S=5 poor, 15415 at 0000 S=9+20dB.

15399.991 HCJB Kununurra. Program ID in English noted at 0028-0030, like "HCJB Global Vision Melbourne Australia". Followed by South Asian vernacular program at 0030. S8 signal on back/side antenna lobe into remote gear at Queensland down under. (W. Bueschel, BC-DX TopNews 1082)

15105, Bangladesh Betar (presumed), 1229. Very faint music detected, followed by woman speaking at 1230. Checked again at 1250 and doing slightly better, with woman talking, but couldn’t confirm it was English. Song in Hindi at 1252, 1257 popular sounding song, 1259:45 female speaker, 1300:15 tone and off. Very poor signal. (Sellers-BC/Canada)

6134.818, Radio Santa Cruz, 0030-0045. At tune in noted steady popular type Latin music. Canned station ID at 0034 over the music as, "... Radio Santa Cruz..." Signal fair with plenty of noise. (Chuck Bolland,FL)

4699.944, Radio San Miguel, 0930-0945. Threshold signal here of music and Spanish recorded comments such as promos. Signal was too weak for me to glean any details, but at 0937, it seemed to be improving slightly. Back to music at 0938.(Chuck Bolland, FL)

4716.714, Radio Yura, 0050-0100. Weak signal with vocal music, and announcer's voice overs. Typical Bolivian music. SIgnal was threshold. (Charles Bolland, FL)

9625, CBC North Quebec, 1228. Man and woman discussing the NHL labour negotiations. Fair signal. (Sellers-BC/Canada)

6159.98, CKZU, Vancouver. Found in the clear with CKZN gone at 0836, but there 15 minutes earlier. Heard usual informative program with CBC Radio One IDs. CKZN came back on at 0843:24, so no chance for perfectly clear reception over 0900. (Dave Valko, PA/HCDX)

4781.67, Radio Oriental, 2347-0001.* Presumed the one here with Spanish talk by male announcers and mentions of Ecuador, Macas and Quito. Decent signal, but too much local interference for good copy. At times, the audio would drop abruptly to such a low level I wasn't sure if they were still on the air; then it would come back just as abruptly. Seemed like some segments were just very undermodulated.(Delibert, MA/HCDX)

4781.721, Radio Oriental, Tena,(presumed) 0125-0140. Male/female with Spanish comments. At 0129 noted a break for promo or commercials. Noise rather heavy making copy difficult this evening. Believe 0130 was the closing time since no further comments or promos were heard after that and the signal disappeared. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4055, Radio Verdad, 1155. Spanish. Hymn played on banjo, 1157 electronic organ, program announcements and IDs in Spanish, 1200 clock strikes, hymn. Fair signal. (Sellers-BC/Canada)

6973, Radio Galei Zahal (Tel Aviv), 0036-0050. Hebrew announcements to blues music program. Fair signal. (Joe Wood, TN)

3925, Radio Nikkei, 1310. Japanese with an English lesson, phrase “make an effort”. Fair signal. (Sellers-BC/Canada)

New Zealand
11725, Radio New Zealand Int'l (Rangitaki). English monitored 0703-0715, with male/female host with weather reports followed by an interesting piece on using equestrian sport for rehabilitation. (Joe Wood, TN)

9704.98, La Voix du Sahel, 2220-2255. Call-in program with male in French, Mentions of Niamey and Africa. Koran 2255-2259, then closing ID announcement at 2259. Flute interval signal, choral national anthem 2259-2301. Brief tone, dead air, then signal off at 2302:05. Fairly strong but low modulation. (Dave Valko, PA/HCDX)

North Korea
2850, Pyongyang Broadcasting Station, 1315. Korean, man and woman speakers with several recorded speakers. Fair signal. (Sellers-BC/Canada)

6400, Pyongyang Broadcasting Station, 1241. Korean, instrumental orchestral music, male speaker. Fair signal, //6248 also fair signal. (Sellers-BC/Canada)

15265, Radio Pakistan. Heard at 1657 with interval signal mixing with Voice of America. Usual brief prayers, news fanfare, and English ID and intro for the newscast. (Dave Valko, PA/HCDX)

Papua New Guinea
3205, NBC Sandaun, 1304. English, news of PNG and the Pacific to 1307, //3315 and 3365 until end of news, then all three went to different music, 3205 off at about 1315. Poor signal. (Sellers-BC/Canada)

4747.08, Radio Huanta Dos Mil. End of song and announcements by live studio male announcer starting with time check. No ID heard, musical bridge at 1018. Canned announcement with mention of Santa Domingo, radio, Bolivia "muchas gracias", then live male returned with morning greeting and more talk in Spanish and Aymara. Mentions of Bolivia, Santa Maria, pampa. Same canned announcement at 1028 as heard at 1018. Fading quickly after 1030. (Dave Valko, PA/HCDX)

4747.086, Radio Huanta Dos Mil, 1016-1025. At tune in, noted a male in Spanish language comments, comments conitued to 1018. Poor signal. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4774.934, Radio Tarma, 1019-1030. At tune in, noted Huaynos type music with the usual yelling by the band. At the end of the first tune, a male comments briefly in Spanish language, then back to music with same theme of music. Signal was fair. (Chuck Bolland, FL).

4939.928, Radio San Antonio, (presumed) 1046-1055. Very weak signal noted, with background music during female announcer's commments in Spanish (Chuck Bolland, FL)

5039.27, Radio Libertad, 1049-1100. Frequency in the clear which allows Radio Libertad to broadcast without any interference from the Cuban that is normally here. Observed music at tune in, followed by Spanish comments. At 1052, possible station ID as signal was noted as poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

South Korea
3985, Echo of Hope, 1312. Man and woman speakers, //6003, 6348, all fair, with noise jamming. (Sellers-BC/Canada)

7335, Radio Tunisia (Sfax), 0606. Arabic programming with bits concerning South Africa and mentions of Jihad, // 7225. Fair signal. (Joe Wood, TN)

5755, WTWW (Lebanon, Tennessee), 0145-0155. Text on the book of Revelations. Excellent signal. (Joe Wood, TN)

4840, WWCR (Nashville). Program “Into Tomorrow” with Dave Grayline (an appropriate name for a radio announcer)about consumer electronics. (Joe Wood, TN)