Monday, September 24, 2012

Monitoring Radio Hargeisa on shortwave

Somalia (Somaliland)

Radio Hargeisa confirms what we already knew ... it has been off the air for more than a week. The station's director, Mr.Suleiman says it is a transition from the testing phase to regular operations. He does not say whether or not it will return on 7120 kHz or another frequency, but does indicate that transmissions will resume on shortwave this coming week.
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(Gupta and Jensen, Sept 9; dswci DXW Sept 19)
Signal on 7120 kHz. Carrier came on just seconds before 0330 UT. Initially no modulation but slowly it built up, very weak at first with man talking heard very weakly. At 0434 UT, with the beginning of HoA (Horn of Africa) musical programming noted with full modulation.

Sept 19 morning transmission was not nearly as good here in Wisconsin as that of Sept 18 when it was quite strong at 0350 UT tune in. ID in Somali mentioning Hargeisa and Somaliland noted on Sept 18, but no ID heard on Sept 19, but surely the same station.

Currently, and in the immediate past, Radio Hargaysa's MW outlet has/had twice daily English half hours, including 0430 UT. Original plans called for simply airing that English period on the SW frequency, which is really a bit too late for optimum US reception. I have recommended an 0300 UT
s/on (6 a.m. Somaliland local time) rather than 0330 UT, suggesting  English at 0330 UT, rather than 0430 UT. I'd also recommended a new frequency above the ham band. The latter recommendation has been ignored. I suspect the former recommendation also will be ignored, at least in the short run.
(Don Jensen-WI-USA, DXplorer Sept 19)
7120 Radio Hargeisa/Hargaysa, at 1504-1528 UT on Sept 19. Thanks to Sei-ichi Hasegawa (Japan) for providing today's additional info: carrier on at 1455 UT and HOA music started at 1501 UT. I tuned in to a fair signal with non-stop HOA music; finally at 1527 UT had the only ID heard. They are broadcasting now during their local morning and evening. (Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)
7120 Radio Hargeysa, at 0327-0433 UT on Sept 21. Big open carrier at 0327 UT, with abrupt start of HoA music at 0339 UT. OM announcement at 0344 with several "Radio Hargeysa" IDs. Programming was all HoA vocals, typically two songs, followed by announcements. Announcements from the male DJ heard at 0344, 0355, 0404, 0413, 0416 UT. Each of these announcements contained at least one ID. I tuned away at 0416 UT, but the signal was still there (although much weaker) at 0433 re-check. SINPO was 33444 at tune-in, but degraded to 33333 by 0433 UT. If they continue at
these power levels, this is a fairly easy catch on ECNA at 0330 UT. (George Maroti-NY-USA, DXplorer Sept 21)
(BCDX Top News # 1083 via wb, Germany)