Thursday, September 27, 2012

Monitoring Athmeeya Yatra Radio

Recently I added a new station to my shortwave Station List. India's Athmeeya Yatra Radio, formerly known as , Gospel for Asia (GFA) is owned by Believers Church, and is also known as "AY Radio" Atnmik Yatra" (Spirital Journey).  

Monitoring was sufficient to hear via my shortwave receiver on 15390 kHz, as well as hearing it parallel on the Univ. Twente via Wide-band WebSDR. Although I do not comprehend the various Indian languages, the station is easy to follow their religious programming format which includes sitar music, text, frequent identifications and address quotes.

Current multilingual broadcast schedule for Athmeeya Yatra Radio is available from the electronic version of Monitoring Times - MT ExPress. For details on subscription please refer to The broadcast schedule, listed on the station's website is the 2009 schedule.
Gayle Van Horn

All times UTC

15390, Athmeeya Yatra Radio, 1400-1450. Station identification into religious programming and music format. Station schedule notes this is their Karbi service. Male announcer's closing message, ID and address into religious melody vocals in sitar. Station ID at 1415 and mentions of "shortwave."
Sitar instrumnetals to lady announcer's station information in listed Mising language (Wed, Thurs, Fri).
Clear "Radio Athmeeya Radio" at 1416 into religious vocal music and mentions of India followed by religious text format.
Musical bridge to lady's station ID and address at 1428. Religious programming continued to 1430. Station observed on 15350 with same programming format, in listed Chowdhari service. (15390 remains audible at 1538).
Sitar and tambla musical vocals to 1444. Station ID, musical bridge and info on the station, which shifted to Hindi service at 1445, monitored to 1450 UTC.