Monday, September 03, 2012

Radio St. Helena...a glimmer of hope ?

I have been in touch with the staff down there. They have an interim station manager, as Gary Walters went back home to the United Kingdom.

Radio Saint Helena will be shutting down, according to Ralph. He says "our final broadcast will be on 25 December to coincide with our opening on the 25 December ’67. This will make us 45 years of broadcasting."

The medium wave signal on 1548 kHz with 1KW will be shut off for good. As I understand it, at some point, a government funded radio station, operating on FM will launch.

Ralph tells me that the shortwave broadcasting mast has been dismantled by Cable & Wireless, but he's talking to local ham operators to see if they can lash up something for their final broadcast so they can get on shortwave. NO promises though.

That being said, if the shortwave makes it on December 25th at all, it is likely the last time it will ever make it on the air.

My voice was featured on the last Radio Saint Helena shortwave broadcast and even if they don't make it on shortwave this time, I will likely have my voice used on the local medium wave broadcast.

I just thought I'd pass the word. Feel free to pass this to other DX lists and other folks who might be interested.

Paul Walker
Ridgway, Pennsylvania, USA

via IRCA mailing list

via Horacio Nigro, Uruguay
(Balkan DX)