Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blog Logs

All shortwave logs via Gayle Van Horn, Univ. Twente, Netherlands, Wide-band Web SDR

All times UTC

// parallel frequency

11970 Sound of Hope Radio International 2306-2315. Male/female trade news script format between musical bridges (SIO 322) Heard on // 12980 (SIO 232) None heard on // 13130, 13350, 13850, 14700 or 15900 kHz. Continued format with bits of conversations included. Schedule states this is the Mandarin service. (Gayle Van Horn, NC/UTwente-NL/WBWSDR)

7450, Radio Stathmos Makedonias 2226-2250. Easy-listening Greek musical vocals to 2218. Announcer's Greek comments to 2221. Format was for a artist/musical introductions during Greek music program. The lute instruments were beautiful. Lady's Greek station ID at 2249, with frequency quote/meter band. Greece national anthem at 2250 to final sign-off. (Gayle Van Horn, NC/UTwente-NL/WBWSDR)

11860, VOIRI. 1525-1554 Uzbek service. Program features, Arabic music and news. Female's travelogue style program from 1535-1543, followed by male's mentions about Iran. Pop Arabic intro music into male's talk and Arabic pop music program. Additional Uzbek text via announcer. Phone-in segment 1552-1554. Brief Arabic musical bridges between male reading text and items on station. Arabic instrumental to abruptly off the air at 1558,  // 5945 to Asia (SIO 222) Noted in Russian with audio hum on 7240 as announcer reads national news on Iran to musical bridge at 1825, followed by text on Islam. Better signal (SIO 444) on // 6140 kHz.(Gayle Van Horn, NC/UTwente-NL/WBWSDR)

9655, VOIRI 1808-1815. Male announcer reading text in Slavic-sounding language, that included mentions of Iran. Arabic music seperates text items with mentions of Islam. Heard at 1810 on // 11865 to Europe. Program schedule list this as a Bosian service. Also noted on 11980 // 9570 in German with lady announcer's reading text with mentions of Iran. Piano music intros segment about Tehran. (Gayle Van Horn, NC/UTwente-NL/WBWSDR)

11600, Radio Libya 1710-1750. Male's Arabic text voice-over to Arabic instrumentals. Arabic vocal music commencing 1719-1736. Program segment with mentions of "Libya" during text. Station ID 1738 "Radio Libya," into program feature discussing Libya. Intro music 1742 with announcer's focus on Libya to 1745.Continued program segments interspersed with fanfare intros. Co-channel station interference which might be the reported CRI's Swahili service from DXW 463. (SINPO 44344) Recheck at 1759 during Arabic vocals music. Station ID 1802 into lady announcer's brief comments, and off the air at 1803. (Gayle Van Horn, NC/UTwente-NL/WBWSDR)

North Korea
15245, Voice of Korea 1829. Female's Asian music duet. Female in English over the music on people's work force and accomplisments of the military. Continued text on Korean economic power. Militaristic vocal hymn to 1838. Asian easy-listenng style vocals. (Gayle Van Horn, NC/UTwente-NL/WBWSDR)

13760 KCBC Station (tentative) 2234. Easy-listening instrumental orchestral music (SIO 434). Noted on // 15245 (434) Orchestral music to 2236, followed by lady's Spanish text to 2240. More militaristic vocal music similar to what I was hearing earlier from Voice of Korea on 15245. Announcer back at 2243 into additional instrumentals. Presume this is North Korea, it is certainly their schedule and Spanish service at this time. (Gayle Van Horn, NC/UTwente-NL/WBWSDR)

South Africa
15235, Channel Africa 1750-1759. English in-progress at tune-in with program discussing dementia and alzheimer's disease in South Africa to 1754. "Africa Digest" program ID and wrap up on story titles in South Africa, Producers name, and "thanks for joining us" to address in Jo'burg. Africa highlife vocals to 1758 sign-off. (Gayle Van Horn, NC/UTwente-NL/WBWSDR)

6130, Trans World Radio 1804-1823. Male announcer's religious style sermon banter. Station schedule list this as Umbundu language. Religious choral hymn 1817-1818. Announcer's religious invitation to additional choral hymn. Musical fanfare to interval signal, station ID. Presumed national anthem to station ID at 1821. (did not sign-off at 1820 as scheduled) Format continues at 1827 recheck (Gayle Van Horn, NC/UTwente-NL/WBWSDR)

Saudi Arabia
11820, 2208-2225 BSKSA/Qu'ran Program. Arabic Qu'ran recitations to Europe (SIO 444) // 11915 to Africa (SIO 323) // 11930 to Africa (SIO 232 with co-channel interference. BSKSA/First General Program in Arabic on 9555 targeted to Africa with two female's with Arabic conversation (SIO 444) // 9870 targeted to Europe (SIO 343). (Gayle Van Horn, NC/UTwente-NL/WBWSDR)

9330, Syria, Radio Damscus,1859-1910/1929-1941 Audio hum at 1859 tune-in to lady announcer's French station ID at 1900, followed by continued French news items to 1908. Upbeat Arabic choral vocals to 1914.(SINPO 43344 with co-channel interference) CW interference from 1910. Recheck 1929 amid French text of news items between instrumental musical bridges to 1932. Arabic pop music vocals to 1937. Featured program segment presented by "Radio Damascus." Abruptly off the air at 1941, should have run to 2000 (SIO 433) (Gayle Van Horn, NC/UTwente-NL/WBWSDR)

9680, Radio Thailand World Service, 2002. Female announcer's German newscast in progress at tune-in to 2007. English station identification at 2008 for "Radio Thailand German service." Piano instrumental of Carpenter's 'Close to You' song to 2011. English "welcome to our German broadcasting" with freqs and bell chimes interval signal. "This is HSK9 Radio Thailand's World Service broadasting from the Public Relations Department in Bangkok" followed by a series of bell chime interval signal repeats (four). Sign off 2015.(Gayle Van Horn, NC/UTwente-NL/WBWSDR)

17735, RTV/Radio Tunisia 1945-. Male/female duo's Arabic discussion on Mohammed // 7345 (SIO 322) and 7225 (SIO 322) to 1955. Arabic musical vocals to ID and 1959 sign-off. No signal noted on parallel 12005 to the Middle East. (Gayle Van Horn, NC/UTwente-NL/WBWSDR)