Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blog Logs

*Sign-On /  Sign-Off*   // station heard on parallel frequency / all freqs kHz

Logs edited for clarity

All times UTC

6080, Radio Australia 1945-2026. Target area is Asia and tune-in to sports updates to station ID at 2000. World news commencing at 2001. Pacific island news, and political campaigns update. Interviews about French government and Noumea (New Caledonia) relations. ID at 2015 to morning news round-up. Item with interview about Papua New Guinea plans to increase use of English across the country to  items on Fiji political forums on island developments. // 9500 (SIO 444). Soccer talk/interview at 2026. Gayle Van Horn, NC/GT/Hong Kong)

4749.982, RRI Makassar. Presumed this station monitored 1010-1045. Music program by lady host with comments between her selections. Announcer's comments at 1035, amid very poor signal quality. (Chuck Bolland, FL/HCDX)

9680.01, RRI Jakarta, 1040-1050. Male/female hosting music program. Signal was good as program continued. (Bolland/HCDX)

5964.7  Klasik Nasional via Kajang // 9835 kHz (Sarawak FM also via Kajang). Live coverage of the
annual Qur'an *International Level *("Peringkat Antarabangsa") recitation competition (Tilawah Al-Quran); at 1314 UT again with ten minute segments of reciting from the Qur'an. Announced reciters name and country ("India", "Indonesia", etc.); both frequencies fair-good, slightly out of sync. Looks like this could be a regular feature this week! (Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 1/Top News 1122)

North Korea
9425, // 9875, 11635, 11910, 12015. 2010. Korean Central BC Station. Male/female trade news items in presumed Korean, including several mentions of Pyongyang. No sign of // 7210(to Africa). Upbeat Korean vocals at 2038 to 2042. Instrumental orchestral music to 2026. Lady announcer's talk and more mentions of Pyongyang. Martial music 2047 (presumed national anthem and ID's as part of sign-off routine) to 2049. Open carrier past 2055. (Gayle Van Horn, NC/GT/Hong Kong)

Papua New Guinea
3260, NBC Madang, 1212:31.* Broadcasting again after being off the air yesterday. Mentioned "Saturday night" in Tok Pisin/Pidgin. Suddenly off by timer. By far the strongest PNG heard today. (Ron Howard, CA/WWDXC/Top News)

3325  NBC Bougainville, 1303:21.* Much better, DJ with dedications/requests of pop sings. Tok Pisin/Pidgin, heard as early as 1217. Signal poor and mixing with RRI Palangkaraya. Suddenly off by timer. (Ron Howard, CA/WWDXC Top News)

3385, NBC East New Britain, 1200:34.* Usual series of advertisements in both English and Tok Pisin/Pidgin. DJ in Tok Pisin/Pidgin with pop songs  (Ron Howard, CA/WWDXC Top News)
3204.96, NBC Sandaun. Better than usual reception. Tok Pisin/Pidgin and some English. At 1246 UT asking listeners to call in with the answer to "After how many years would you celebrate your silver
anniversary?". One caller said "100 years!" "News Roundup" in English ended at 1307, followed by commercial announcements. Pop songs (Pacific Island songs and pop songs - "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" by Fleetwood Mac, etc.). Enjoyable!**  (Ron Howard, CA/WWDXC Top News)