Friday, August 16, 2013

WDEV 500 slated for weekend DX Test

A Reminder ...  DX TEST Alert for this weekend on 16 August 

A test on WDEV 550 Waterbury, Vermont is scheduled for 12:03AM Eastern Friday night (Saturday morning). The test is only three minutes long and will consist of a few bits of morse code and mainly sweep tones. The test will be done on WDEV's night power and pattern.

WDEV is an affiliate of Red Sox baseball, with a game scheduled for this Friday night. if the game goes long for extra innings or because of a rain delay, the DX test will be automatically rescheduled for Friday August 30th (Saturday) at the same time.

Please go to this link for all the details on the test, including how send in a reception report.

Email me with any questions,
(MARE #743 via Harold Frdge)