Friday, August 16, 2013

Egypt in Turmoil - Monitoring Egyptian Radio via the Internet

In addition to monitoring the current situation in Egypt via shortwave (see the Egypt in Turmoil blog post below), you can also get information via local stations that also broadcast on the Internet. Currently there are 29 stations broadcasting from/to Egypt via the Receiva website. You can monitor these station via an Internet radio (such as a Logitech Squeezebox like we use here in Btown) or via using your PC via the link below.

Egypt Internet Radio via Receiva

Here is the current list of Egyptian Internet Radio Stations via Receiva

Station  --  Genre
Capital Club Radio  --  Varied
Diab FM  --  Varied
ERTU Europe Service  --  World Middle
ERTU General Program  --  World Middle
ERTU Middle East Program  --  World Middle East
ERTU Music  --  World Middle East
ERTU Voice of the Arabs  --  World Middle East
ERTU Youth & Sports Program  --  World Middle East
Gr8 Arab Maghreb  --  World Middle East
Gr8 Kalthoumiat  --  60s
Gr8 Tarabiat  --  World Middle East
Gr8 Wardiat  --  Pop World Middle East
Mahatet Masr  --  Talk World Middle East
Nile FM Cairo  --  Dance Pop Rock
Nogoum FM 100.6  --  Varied
Quran Karem  --  Religious
Radio Arabesk  --  World Middle East
Radio Cairo  --  News
Radio Horytna  --  Alternative Varied World Middle East
Radio Maat  --  Jazz
Radio Masr 3al Elhawa  --  Adult Contemporary
Radio Masr Elgdida  --  World Middle East
Radio Sotak  --  Pop
Radio Tram  --  Adult Contemporary
Rehab FM  --  Discussion News World Middle East
Sawt el Hara  --  World Middle East
SIS Radio  --  World Middle East
Sky Key Radio  --  Christian
Wasla FM  --  Varied