Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Uruguayan station back on shortwave


5980v, Emisora Chaná, Tacuarembó (Cf. DX-Window # 485) was heard back on Aug 09 by DXer Paulero, in Buenos Aires. I immediately called by telephone to the station owner, Mr. Omar Lima, CX6OL, who confirms that the station has been again on the air since 15 days ago, and is now running 24hours, with 30 W, (nominal 50W) in AM. Antenna is very low (4 meters above ground), but he plans to raise it to 15 m height. They currently operate 24 hours. No printed or e-QSL right now, but he has already answered via e-mail to . (Nigro in DXplorer). Please do not mix it with R Chaski, Peru on 5980.02 which is heard in Europe and North America! (Ed)
(DX Window 486)

Comments on the Uruguayan shortwave scene from last week's DX Window, including mention of 
Emisora Chaná in the Department of Tacuarembó.

The current scene for Shortwave broadcasting in Uruguay is still painful, as it has been for most of its history.

Monitoring indicate that there are no active stations at the present time.

The unofficial 5900v Emisora Chaná, from Tacuarembó disappeared several months ago, after the closure of the FM Community station that was its main enterprise. As a matter of fact it was one of thirteen communitarian low power stations that were closed in that department in late 2012, by telcom authorities.

The shortwave outlets for Radiodifusión Nacional del Uruguay (the National Broadcaster which is next to abandon its historic denomination of SODRE) have been inactive for a long time. The last was CXA4 on 6125, but after they exhausted their stock of tubes, even the ones donated by its own officials, they have dropped broadcasts. The current transmitters, built by the technicians, use 4 "813" tubes each. Technically any valve can be adjusted similar to the 813, 4/400, 4/1000, 3/500Z, etc... There are even fairly cheap Russian or Chinese in the market. The problem is that for a regime of continuous service that set of 4 tubes lasts only for about six months. A project for a solid state transmitter has been considered, but it has no funding to build it.

R Sport 890 / R Sarandi in 6045, keeps the transmitter under the same parameters. The problem is currently in the antenna and they expect the tower man "Any time to undergo into repair," said the technical manager, to our request.

Both Universo 6055 (CWA148, Castillos) and La Voz de Artigas, CXA3 on 6075 (heard last summer), remain irregular and have not been monitored in the region lately.

6155 Banda Oriental, dormant for years, certainly does not operate this channel due to high power consumption bill that means to their owners along with its MW. It is certainly not easy the economic situation for these stations. Similarly occurs for 6010/9650 Em. Ciudad de Montevideo.

Oriental on 11735 and 9595 Monte Carlo, directly said, should not hold any interest at the time, and since the end of their broadcasts many years ago, despite they keep being listed in the WRTH for they still keep these transmitters in their sites, though muted.

In conclusion, the only one that could be reactivated soon appears to be 6045 Sport 890/Sarandí. (Nigro in DXplorer)
(DX Window 485)