Sunday, August 18, 2013

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All times UTC

4835, NT VL8A (Alice Springs), 2109. Tune-in to SIO 444 as Aussie DJ has several photo chat's about local events in and around Adelaide and next weekend's sports previews. Call on local weather in Alice Springs and this week's forecast. Nice chat to 2118 about upcoming antique auction next weekend, Audible on // 2485 kHz VL8K (Katherine) though not as clear as 4835. No sign of 2385 kHz Tennant Creek.  Aussie fanfare instrumental to additional local phone calls about the weather and additional local events.(Van Horn/GT Australia)

7445, All India Radio/External Service. Indian vocals with sitar to signal fades at 1938. No sign of // 9445 or 9550. AIR noted on 7550 to Europe for *1945. Hindi service text // 11670 (SIO 434). Indian/Hindi pop vocals with tambura accompaniment as signal fades at 1957 down to an SIO of 232 at 1958. (Van Horn).

11620, All India Radio/External Service, 2203 to Pacific. English world and national news // 11740 (SIO 333) // 11670eu. ID break between world news at 2205 and continued news on conflicts in Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Russia and China. Soccer info/scores. Editorial Egypt Blood Bath to "overseas service of All India Radio. Destination India feature on beach holidays. Additional IDs, sitar music and "Bangalore" reference to location. Sign-off at 2229 (Van Horn)

17650, AWR Asia/Pacific 2332. Saturday evening broadcast that included religious choral music and contemporary Christian vocals. Station ID at 2335 to religious text and station address and website. Praise music and text as signal fades by 2345 (Van Horn).

9680, RRI-Jakarta 2347. Male/female's friendly chat in Indonesian. Brief signal fades during Indo pop music. Announcer's comments about Jakartam station ID and interval signal (three times). Station identification at 0000 into national news and topics on Papua New Guinea and Australia. Sound clips from a speech event. Announcer's trade news items amid intermittent signal fades. More Indo pops to two lady's program segment. Good signal via Aussie SDR. (Van Horn)

12080, VOIRI, 2003. Arabic phone conversation to 2005. Arabic musical vocals to 2007 // 9320 poor 232 SIO. Announcer duo's chat to program features with intros. News script and items included about.Egypt. Monitored at 2015 English on 9400eu, // 11750af, and 11880af. Program segments on historical facts about Iran between musical interludes // 9400 best. Items on national economy to 2010, Pakistan trade relations to 2024. Station ID/frequency quote to musical melody. Station address to piano melody to 2029, without national anthem (Van Horn).

North Korea
9650, Voice of Korea 2132, Japanese service // 11865as. Musical intros of Japanese vocals and instrumental martial arrangements. Chinese service at 2135 on 9445 with vocals and // 9875 (Van Horn).

9660, REE 2138. On-going English conversation about Spain's cricket and rugby teams. Listener's letter from London to promo for upcoming music. Announcer's good bye to listeners, followed by Bonnie Raitt's song Ain't Gonna Let You. (Van Horn)
(all logs via Gayle Van Horn/ISWBG)
North Carolina