Monday, May 29, 2006

Big Changes at Radio Slovakia International

As June 30 approaches, DXers will have one less station to log on shortwave. Adjustments from a shortwave broadcaster to an Internet and satellite services are part of the proposed changes from the station. This includes reducing the staff of four to a staff of two for each language service.
You still have a few weeks to log the English service of Radio Slovakia. All hours in UTC.
0100-0130 5930, 9440 kHz
0700-0730 9440, 15460 kHz
1630-1700 5920, 6055 kHz
1830-1900 5920, 6055 kHz
The station has an online reception report form at their website, or send correspondence to:
Radio Slovakia International
Mytna 1
P.O. Box 66
817 55 Bratislava, Slovakia
Don't forget the proposed June 30 shutdown, by logging and verifying their final day on shortwave.