Sunday, May 28, 2006

North Atlantic HF Aero Frequencies

MWARA (Major World Air Routes) North Atlantic (NAT) family of frequencies. Here you will find airline, charter, military and biz aircraft (mode is USB):
(NAT - A) North Atlantic Family A: 3016.0 5598.0 8906.0 13306.0 17946.0Canarias, Gander, New York, Paramaribo, Piarco, Santa Maria, Shanwick
(NAT - B) North Atlantic Family B: 2899.0 5616.0 8864.0 13291.0 17946.0Gander, Iceland, New York, Santa Maria, Shanwick
(NAT - C) North Atlantic Family C: 2872.0 5649.0 8879.0 11336.0 13306.017946.0Gander, Iceland, Shanwick
(NAT - D) North Atlantic Family D: 2971.0 4675.0 8891.0 11279.0 13291.017946.0Arctic Radio (Baffin), Bodo, Churchill (Emerg's Only), Gander, Iceland,Shanwick
(NAT - E) North Atlantic Family E: 2962.0 6628.0 8825.0 11309.0 13354.017946.0New York, Santa Maria
(NAT - F) North Atlantic Family F: 3476.0 6622.0 8831.0 13291.0 17946.0Gander, Shanwick
The best online guide I have seen on this that will answer many questions is at: You should download this and study it to understand completely the NAT MWARA system.