Thursday, September 02, 2010

RTÉ shortwave radio coverage of All Ireland finals 2010

Irish public broadcaster RTÉ has published details of its worldwide coverage of the All Ireland Finals on 5 and 19 September 2010:

Britain: Across most of Britain, listeners can receive coverage on Long Wave 252 kHz. In addition RTÉ Radio 1 is available on the UK free to air satellite platform Freesat on channel 750.
Worldwide: Across the world, the match commentaries will be available online at

Shortwave to Africa: In Africa, where many Irish people live and work, often in relative isolation with poor communications, RTÉ is providing special transmissions on shortwave radio:

To South Africa: 1300-1700 UTC on 7265 kHz MEY 100kW 005deg
To East Africa: 1300-1500 UTC on 15400 kHz MEY 250kW 019deg
1500-1700 UTC on 11695 kHz MEY 250kW 015deg
To West Africa: 1430-1600 UTC on 15445 kHz MEY 250kW 330deg
1600-1630 UTC on 11805 kHz MEY 100kW 335deg

Intelsat Service: For the first time, RTÉ Radio is providing a dedicated satellite radio feed of the finals. Full coverage from 1200-1600 UTC Irish time will be available on Intelsat (C Band) Channel 10: GAA Special. The coverage of the service is extensive - from western Africa over to Australia, as well as throughout most of Europe and Asia.
(Source: RTÉ website/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)