Saturday, March 24, 2012

MT March 2012 Air Show issue now available for Kindle

No other issue of Monitoring Times magazine is more popular than our annual air show issue that is released in March of each year.

As a leader in the radio hobby publishing world, Grove Enterprises and the Monitoring Times magazine staff is pleased to announce that the March 2012 air show issue is now available in the Kindle reader format from at a price you just can not beat - $0.99. Now you can take our most popular issue of MT with you to the air show as a ready reference.

And no need to worry if you do not own a Kindle reader. You can still read our new Kindle electronic reader edition or any Kindle book anywhere with Amazon's free reading apps.

There are free Kindle reading apps for Smartphones (iPhone & iTouch, Android, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry); Computer platforms (Windows and Mac); Tablets (iPad and Android Tablet), and of course the Kindle readers including the new Kindle Fire that will be reviewed in the June issue of Monitoring Times. You can get more detail on these apps by clicking here.

MT March 2012 Product Description
Monitoring Times Xpress digital edition, March, 2012. Monitoring Times magazine is the leader in radio communications for the world of radio. Each issue is packed with shortwave, scanner and other radio reviews, features and columns. Now in our 31st year, MT is better than ever offering a print edition, PDF version (full color and graphics) and now the MT Digital Reader edition. This is our test of the digital version of the magazine for e-readers. It contains no graphics and no ads. We want to see your response as the reader whether this is worth pursuing as a monthly subscription. Please give us your thoughts and comments.

Bill Grove
Art Director, Monitoring Times Magazine
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This is an offer to good to pass up. You can purchase your 99 cents MT Annual Air Show edition in Kindle format by clicking here.