Monday, January 27, 2014

Retro Radio Dial Japan 1953

Japan is in just its first year of independence following the end of the Allied Occupation, its Bonin, Volcano and Ryukyu Islands to the south remain under American control, and yet a comprehensive web of radio
networks is in operation and newly established private commercial radio stations are rapidly spreading.

It's 1953. The FEN Far East Network from Tokyo is one of the strongest signals on the AM dial and the NHK Overseas Service is using powerful shortwave transmitters to carry the vision of a new Japan to the world.

The area is full of tension. Soviet troops gaze across a narrow sea lane into Northern Japan and American forces stare back in return as the cold War between the USSR and the West intensifies. On the nearby Korean peninsula, a long war ends in armistice, but not peace.

In this time, Japanese listeners were entertained and informed by the rapidly growing number of radio stations, and Japanese inventors were about to unleash the transistor radio, small and cheap radio sets that let millions of Japanese take their music, news, information and entertainment on the road, in their coats, on their bicycles, into schools, factories, and all over Japan.

Retro Radio Dial Japan is the latest in this fascinating series that takes a look back at the world's radio dials 60 years ago.

Recent additions include Brazil, South Asia and South East Asia whilst the feature on North Asia has been revised.

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