Tuesday, May 05, 2015

QSL Report: May 2015

Dayton Hamvention® ... A Must See Event May 15-17

Amateur radio operators will tell you, a trip to Dayton, Ohio, rates very high among their "ham" lifetime goals. Hams and those like-minded, gather once a year to the largest hamfest in North America. Each year hobbyists from across the globe gather at the Hara Arena in Trotwood, Ohio, near Dayton. The popular megafest offers exhibit space, demonstrations, forums and a flea market. This year hams will celebrate the 60th show on May 15-17, 2015 with close to 500 indoor exhibits and over 2,500 outdoor exhibits showcase the latest in amateur radio equipment, technology, computer software and hardware - along with hard-to-find radio and computer accessories and equipment.

For more information or for a full forum schedule, visit the Dayton Hamvention® website. This year's theme Local Clubs: the Heart of Ham Radio puts the emphasis on the invaluable and unique role ham radio clubs around the world have played in their communities. Admission is $20.00 in advance and $25.00 the days of the show. Hamvention® bus tickets are $8.00. Admission and bus tickets are valid for all three days. Tickets can be purchased at the Hara Box Office, Debco Electronics & Computers Inc. in Cincinnati, OH; Universal Radio in Columbus, OH; Midwest Surplus in Fairborn, OH and R & L Electronics, Hamilton, OH. For more information, visit www.hamvention.org.

Can't make it to Dayton this year ? Watch live streaming video on the Internet from W5KUB's Helmet Cam at http://w5kub.com/

China Radio International relay via Albania, 11785 kHz. Partial data card of Celebration of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and features an artist impression of the Laoshan Velodrome. Card was missing notation of Albanian transmitter site. Also received copy of The Messenger and two CRI paper cuts. (Alan Roe, UK/NASWA) CRI website: http://www.cri.cn

Amateur Radio

(Larry Van ARO QSL Collection)
Cuba-Guantanamo Bay KG4HI/KG4RQ/IOTA: NA-015, 7 MHz/RTTY. Full data color wildlife photo, signed by the Operator of the DXpedition. Also verified 10 MHz/CW and 24 MHz/CW. Received via QSL Manager Jim-WB2REM in 14 days for a SASE (Larry Van Horn N5FPW)

Madagascar-AF-057, 5R8M-Nosy Be Island. Full data color wildlife/scenery bi-fold card-DXpedition staff (Mediterraneo DX Club) 12 MHz/RTTY; 15 MHz/RTTY. QSL Manager IK2VUC. Received in three months for SAE and $3.00US (Van Horn).

(Larry Van Horn ARO QSL Collection)
Saint Helena-ZD7ET-CQ Zone 36/ITU Zone: 66, 24 MHz SSB. Full data map/ship and scenery card, signed by Peter, Operator. ZD7JC, JT 65. Full data card fwatures photo of Jamestown, signed by John Cranfield. QSL address: P.O. Box 229, Jamestown, Island of St. Helena (Van Horn).

South Africa-ZS6WAB, KG46RC. Full data color antenna array card. Verified for contact on JT65, 3.577 MHz. Received in 75 days , direct from Operator with nested Euro envelope and $3.00US (Van Horn).

United States-N1ZZZ/MM. No data color photo card of Tanker ship at sea. Worked ARO operator on board MV Stephen L. Bennett in the North Atlantic (grid GM75) SSB 17 MHz. Received in 79 days and a SASE (Van Horn).

N4DAB, 14250 kHz USB. Full data color QSL card. Received in three weeks for SWL report, monitoring special event station for the 57th Annual Daytona 500 Race. QSL address with business-size envelope (used for reply) to: Daytona Beach CERT Amateur Radio Club, 536 Central Park Blvd., Port Orange, FL 32127 (Larry Zamora, Garland, TX)

W0JH, 14261 kHz USB. E-QSL certificate confirming the Ice Station WOJH Special Event - a portable station on the frozen Goose Lake in Scandia, Minnesota. Received in four weeks
for a SWL report e-report to icestationW0JH2015@radioham.org (Zamora).

Voice of Vietnam relay, 5955 kHz. Partial data card, and charming handmade bookmarks made out of card and fabric of a young Vietnamese lady in traditional costume. Received in 60 days. Website: http://www.vovworld.vn (Roe)

Euro FM
Belgium-RTL 106.80 MHz. Full data letter signed by Benoît Goffin, Broadcast Manager and QSL certificate. Received for FM report, prepared QSL card and two mint stamps. QSl address: Avenue Jacques Georgin 2, 1030 Bruxelles, Belgium (Norbert Reiner, Karlsruhe, Germany/playdx)
Radio Impact FM, Malmedy 106.90 MHz. Prepared QSL card verified in four weeks. QSL address: Rue Steinbach 6-8, 4960 Malmedy, Belgium (Reiner).
France-Radio Rhône FM 211.648 (Ch 10B) Prepared station QSL card verified in two weeks. QSL address: Case Postal 1230, 1251 Sion, France (Reiner).
Germany-Radio Neunkirchen 94.60 MHz. Prepared station QSL card verified in two weeks. QSL address: Saarbrücker Strasse 16, 66538 Neunkirchen, Germany (Reiner)
Radio Saarbrücker 99.60 MHz. Prepared station QSL card verified in five days. QSL address: Karl Marx-Str. 4, 66111 Saarbrücker, Germany (Reiner)
Radio NORA 101.60 MHz. Full data station QSL signed by Jette Schmidt, On-Air Support/Hoererservice/CRM. Received in two days. QSL address: Wittland 3, 24109 Kiel, Germany (Reiner) Transmitter at Heligoland, heard while on Heligoland Island (Reiner).
Switzerland-Radio Pilatus, 188.928 (Ch. 7A). Full data prepared QSL card signed by Kilian Pfister, Technik und Betrieb, plus souvenir pen. Received in five days. QSL address: Löwencenter, Postfach 4140, CH-6002 Luzern, Switzerland (Reiner).

Radio Amigos 7365 kHz via HCJB Weenermoor. Station verified my reception report in 66 days, with a nice package of goodies including a personal letter and a Control Room card, signed by Mark Torsten Wardein, Chefdakteur (Editor in Chief). Several German brochures and English religious pamplet Voice and Hands enclosed. (Rich D'Angelo, PA/NASWA)

All India Radio, 15650 kHz (special QSL for IRDR). Full data color card, unsigned. Received in 15 days for e-report to spectrum-management@air.org.in (Christian Ghibaudo,
Nice, France/HCDX) Website: http://allindiaradio.gov.in/

South Africa
(Radio Sonder Grense logo)

Radio Sonder Grense, 3320 kHz. Full data station card, signed by Sikander Hoosen. Received in 107 days for e-report to  info@rsg.co.za (Daniel Wyllyans, Brazil/HCDX). Station website http://www.rsg.co.za

SDXF-Radio Revival, The Swedish DX Federation via Sala, Sweden 6065 kHz. Full data card featuring photo of domestic receiver model 315 W made by Kungs Radio in Gothenburg, Sweden 1934-1935. Received in four months for email report to Ronny Forsland. Station address: SDXF, P.O. Box 1097, SE-405 23 Göteborg, Sweden (Gayle Van Horn W4GVH)

United States
PCJ Radio International relay via WRMI, Okeechobee, Florida 7570 kHz. Full data E-QSL for monitoring the 70th Anniversary Radio Canada International program. Received in 24 hours for e-report to pcjqsl@pcjmedia.com (Zamora).

PCJ Radio International relay via WRMI, Okeechobee, Florida 11880 kHz. Special live broadcast to North America. Full data E-QSL of Keith Perron and Tan Lam Soon, in front of the BBC Singapore transmitter, with response in accompanying email cover letter from Victor Goonetilleke. Received in 20 days, and three days from follow-up to Victor G. Many thanks to Victor for his assistance (Edward Kusalik, AB Canada)

Ireland-St. Nicholas' Church Zkillavullen, 27395 kHz. Partial data verification letter stamped with seal, and signed by Fr. Daniel Gould. Received in 106 days (Patrick Robic, Austria/UDXF)

Ireland-ARINC HFDL via Shannon 8942 kHz.  Full data QSL card and handwritten note, signed by Michael, Irish Aviation Authority (ARINC's partner for this site).Received in nine days. My report was sent via website https://www.iaa.ie/reception_report using the form intended for Shannon Volmet reports. The note said this was the first report they have received for the ARINC equipment. (Bruce Portzer/UDXF)

Japan-MARS Camp Foster, Okinamwa, Japan, 14486 kHz USB. Full data QSL and personal letter signed by Koji Shimabukuro. Postcard and business card enclosed. Received in 60 days after follow-up report for AFD in 2013 (Ibold).

Qatar-Doha Radio A7D MMSI 002734417, 2187,5 kHz DSC (digital selective calling). Full data QSL and letter signed by Ahmed Ali al-Aminmi, Senior Supervisor (RIM1). Received in 199 days. QSL address: Ooredoo (Qatar Telecom), A7D Doha Maritime Radio, P.O. Box 217, Doha, Qatar (Andy Ibold, Germany/UDXF)

Russia-MRCC Kaliningrad MMSI 002734417, 2187,5 kHz DSC. Full data verification letter via email. Received in 25 days for e-report to mrcc@mapkld.ru (Ibold).

United States-WNUB566 Bell Car Service, 30740 kHz. No-data email with photos and video. Received in nine days. QSL address: Bell Car Service Inc., Atten: Jose Alvarez, 405 51st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220 USA (Robic).

Utility/Non-Directional Beacons
United States-K3XR/B HF Beacon 28286.8 MHz. Full data QSL card. Received in four weeks. QSL address: Dan Kernan, 218 Balthasar Road, Sinking Springs, PA 19608 USA. (Reiner)

K5AB HF Beacon 28280.8 MHz. Full data QSL card. Received in one month. QSL address: Alan Brown, P.O. Box 2, Goldwaite, TX 76884 USA (Reiner).

K5TLJ/B HF Beacon 28290.8 MHz. Full data QSL. Received in eight months. QSL address: Terry Jones, 700 Smith Street, Truman, AR 72472 USA (Reiner).

N1ME/B HF Beacon 28247.5 MHz. Full data QSL. Received in nine weeks. QSL address: Pine State Amateur Radio Club, 55 Sarina Drive, Holden, ME 04429 USA (Reiner)

W0WF/B HF Beacon 28204.8 MHz. Full data QSL. Received in four weeks. QSL address: J.D. Watts, 3630 Tarragon, Saint Charles, MO 63303 USA (Reiner)

Utility/Ship Traffic
Ship addresses may be obtained by an MMSI search at: www.google.com

5BPK3 Amonith (Tanker). MMSI 210745000, 2187,5 kHz DSC. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter confirmed. Received in 33 days (Ibold).

C6YY7 Skandi Admiral (Platform Supply Vessel). MMSI 311049550, 2187,5 kHz DSC. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter confirmed. Received in 40 days via email for postal mail report (Ibold).

GVHQ Putford Worker (Supply Vessel). MMSI 232003298, 2187,5 kHz DSC. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter confirmed. Received in 60 days (Ibold).

(Color Fantasy via en.wikipedia.org)
LMSD Color Fantasy (Passenger). MMSI 25718200, 2187,5 kHz DSC. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter confirmed. Received in 19 days (Ibold).

MNAA4 Highland Star (Platform Supply Vessel). MMSI 234235000, 2187,5 kHz DSC. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter confirmed. Received in 71 days (Ibold).

SEBR Obbola (Roll-On/Roll-Off Vessel). MMSI 265411000, 2187,5 kHz DSC. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter confirmed. Received in 51 days (Ibold).

SYBE Astrea (Special Purpose Vessel). MMSI 240691000, 2187,5 kHz DSC. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter confirmed. Received in 98 days (Ibold).

VQHF3 CEFAS Endeavour (Research Vessel). MMSI 235005270, 2187,5 kHz DSC. Full data QSL and prepared verification letter confirmed. Received in 52 days. Ship position
was alongside Lowestoft on the North Sea, the most easterly point of the United Kingdom (Ibold).

Voice of Vietnam, 6175 kHz. Full data map/TNVN logo card, unsigned. Received in eight weeks for e-report to vovworld@vov.org.vn. Postal address: Overseas Service, Voice of Vietnam, 45 Ba Trieu, Hanoi, Vietnam (Zamora) Station website with streaming audio http://www.vovworld.vn

Voice of Vietnam, 6175 kHz for Spanish service via WHRI Cypress Creek, SC. Partial data QSL did not include the transmitter site, unsigned. "Tarjeta de Verificacion" Ken Giang QSL in Spanish for an e-mail follow-up to english@vovnews.vn. Total time one year, 43 days after email follow-up (Kusalik).

Euro Free Radio

Crazy Wave R  (Germany) shortwave@gmx.de 
I AM R (Italy) report@iamradio.am 
Lazer Hot Hits (Ireland) studio@laserhothits.co.uk 
R Akenzo akenzoteam@hotmail.com 
R Altrex radioaltrex@hotmail.com 
R Atlantic 2000  atlantic2000international@gmail.com 
R Casanova  radiocasanova@hotmail.com
R Enterprise (Italy) enterpriseradio@hotmail.com
R Europe (Italy) radioeurope@iol.it
R Mi Amigo (Spain)  info@radiomiamigo.es 
R Pioneer  pioneeram@hotmail.com 
R Scotland  radioscotland@hotmail.com 
R Spaceshuttle  spaceshuttleradio@yahoo.com 
R Studio 52 (Netherlands) studio52@planet.nl 
R Superclan superclanradio@yahoo.com 
R Waves Int'l (France) rwaves@free.fr 
Shortwave Gold  shortwavegold@gmail.com
Sonnet R Europe sonnetradio@hotmail.com 
Time R timeradio.shortwave@gmail.com 
Tower R (Netherlands) radiotower@home.nl