Thursday, September 21, 2017

Additional information on Al-Azm Radio from Saudi Arabia

This week I have been monitoring the new Saudi Arabian station, Al-Azm Radio on 11745 kHz, as part of the Saudi Arabia Corporation. Broadcast are in support of the Saudi troops in southern regions, near the Yemeni border. The published schedule in Arabic is: 0700-2000 UTC. Video of reception:
Special thanks to contributor, Hans Johnson, for supplying a graphic from their Twitter page and a translation of their on-air announcement.
Gayle Van Horn W4GVH

This is a partial translation of the frequency and target announcement.  I'm really rusty, forgive any mistakes I have made, I am sure someone will let us know :)

I found another thing on their Twitter
1 - Is Riyadh
2 - Is Al Khamra in Jeddah. (see above photo)

"Dear listeners in Najran and Jazan (two towns/provinces in southwest Saudi Arabia), our (one word missed) soldiers on the southern border and our (one word missed) in dear Yemen.  You are listening to Determination from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Listeners in the Jazan (area, I think) you can listen to us on AM on a frequency of 549 kHz and on FM on a frequency of 107 MHz.  Listeners in Faifa? (town in SW Saudi) province (literal, district) can hear us on a frequency of 99 Mhz FM . .  . .  Listeners anywhere can hear us on shortwave on a frequency of 11.745 MHz . . . . Determination, the Voice of Truth."

(Hans Johnson)