Tuesday, March 09, 2021

New clandestine stations surface, as conflicts continue in Ethiopia’s Tigray region


Conflicts continue to increase in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. In recent months, tensions between the federal government and the leadership of the northern Tigray region exploded into a military confrontation. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched what he called a “law-and-order operation” to focus on domestic terrorists but involved large deployments of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces and aerial bombardments, a far cry from a domestic law enforcement operation. 

Since then, federal forces had taken control of the region’s capital and declared victory, but the security situation is unstable in parts of Tigray, and many analysts are concerned about the prospect of a drawn-out insurgency.

Unfortunately, the world does have a complete picture of the continuing situation in the Tigray portion of Ethiopia. A communications blackout persists in portions of the region and humanitarians and journalists cannot access many areas due to security and bureaucratic obstacles.

Clandestine radioactivity has also increased, targeting their broadcast to Ethiopia. The following are listings of known active clandestine stations. 

All times UTC, daily broadcast unless otherwise indicated.

DW International (DW – Dimtse Woyane, also known as Fenew Radio, began broadcasting on shortwave in January 2021.
0400-0500  9760 kHz (Issoudun, France relay)
1600-1700  15160 kHz (Issoudun, France relay)

Radio Omn/Oromia Media Network
1630-1730  Mon, Wed, Sat  11990 kHz (Sofia, Bulgaria relay)

Radio Tigray Media House
1500-1600  15160 kHz (Issoudun, France relay)
ID: Tigrinya: “Dimtse Tigray”
ID: English: “Radio Tigray Media House
Broadcasting began in January 2021, with future plans for English and Amharic proramming.

Voice of Oromo Liberation
1730-1800  Wed  9610 kHz (Nauen, Germany relay)
1700-1730  Wed, Fri, Sat  9610 kHz (Nauen, Germany relay)

Voice of the Dawn of Tigray (Dimtse Wegahta Tigray-RWT)
1700-1800  15340 kHz (Issoudun, France relay)
Began broadcasting in February 2021, produced by Dedebit Media.

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