Thursday, May 13, 2021

RAE Argentina publishes new schedule



RAE Argentina to the World has published a new schedule on their Facebook page. Staff are still working from home because of the pandemic, they are producing only one or two programs a week, all
relayed via WRMI Florida-USA as follows:

All times UTC

English    0200 Thursday  5800 North America
Japanese   0800 Thurs & Sat 9455 North America & Asia
Chinese    0900 Thurs & Sat 9455 North America & Asia
Portuguese 0200 Wednesday   5800 South America
Italian    0200 Saturday  5800 North  America & Europe
German  1600 Mon & Thurs 7780 North America & Europe
French     0200 Friday  5800 North  America & Europe

It's not clear what happens on other days of the week, but when I checked 9455 kHz at 0900 UT on Friday 30 April (it was barely audible anywhere except on US West Coast SDRs) it started with an announcement in Chinese then seemed to carry music for the rest of the hour.
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Dave Kenny-UK May 9
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