Monday, January 24, 2022

Ukrainian Армія FM active on medium wave


The medium wave transmitter of Army FM, the radio station of the Ukrainian army, has been testing from 26 December 2021 on 810 kHz. 10 kW, using a 190-meter high mast, owned by Telemerezhi Ukrainy LLC, located at Terikonna Street in Hirmyk near Donetsk


Noted from WRTH 2022, as operating 24 hours at 10 kW from Hirnyk

This station was previously covered in the Bits & Bytes column in the Global Radio Guide Winter 2021-2022

 Армія FM begins in Ukraine

BCDX has also reported that the Ukrainian Ministry Defence radio station Aрмія FM (Army FM) has received a one-year approval to broadcast on 810 kHz with 10 kW. The National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine granted the permit for a temporary period.

 A schedule was not included, but the information did state that programming will air from Hirnyk, located west of Donetsk. This is likely due to the pro-Russian separatists occupying this area.

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