Monday, February 06, 2023

Update on Zambia's Voice of Hope

 Voice of Hope-World Radio Network has been off the air for some time on 6065 kHz, (evenings) and 11680 kHz (mornings). Ray Robinson from Voice of Hope says to DX-FOKUS that they are not transmitting on the two frequencies due to problems with a transmitter and that they are waiting for spare parts to arrive from the U.S. 

He expects the two frequencies, which mainly cover West Africa, to be back in a few weeks. Meanwhile, Voice of Hope continues on 4965 kHz (evenings) and on 9680 kHz (mornings and afternoons), and Ray Robinson says that these two frequencies give very good reception in central, eastern, and southern Africa. 
(Stig Hartvig Nielsen in DX-FOKUS #2-2023)