Friday, September 08, 2023

Wanted: A Permanent Home for 50,000 QSL cards and Letters!


The time has come!  The QSL collection housed in the Indianapolis Heritage Collection in Indiana needs a new home, a permanent home.  Estimated at 50,000 and possibly higher, this collection of QSL letters and cards from all over the world covers a little over one hundred years of radio history, beginning in the year 1922.  This massive assemblage is made up of QSLs, mainly from mediumwave and shortwave stations, though there are some from amateur, television, communication and FM stations.  As a major historic collection, it is offered free to any location that is willing to house, organize, and care for this valuable historic collection, the world's largest in private hands.

Also available for distribution, some free and some at negotiated prices, are the 
* Radio Cards: Hundreds of miscellaneous radio cards, worldwide
* Complete Set WR(TV)HB: 1947-2023: 77 volumes
* Small Radio Souvenirs: A thousand or more small radio items, including fridge magnets
* Complete set Passport to World Band Radio: 1984-2009
* Radio Station Documents: A dozen filing cabinets containing one million and one paper 
    documents from radio stations in every country
* Complete set Popular Communications Magazine: 1982-2013
* Complete set Monitoring Times Magazine: 1997-2011
* Bound volumes of Radio News: 1938-1959, 26 bound volumes
* Miscellaneous Radio Books: One hundred or more

Dr. Adrian M. Peterson
Adventist World Radio
2768 Morgan Trail
IN 46151 USA