Friday, July 15, 2011

Blog Logs

Thanks to the contributors who have shared their recent loggings with our blog readers. The weekend is just hours away, and now is a good time to plan your weekend listening sessions.

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on / sign-off*

Logs edited for clarity

9580, 1005 Radio Australia. Station ID as "ABC News Radio. (Bob Fraser, ME)

3310, 0950-1000 (presumed) Radio Mosoj Chaski. Very weak signal on this freq with male's Spanish religious preaching format style. Only heard momentarily as the audio faded. (Chuck Bolland, FL).

4795, 0040-0100.* Spanish announcement to Bolivian music and rustic vocals. Signal weak and poor in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA).

6134, 0050-0107.* Radio Santa Cruz. Bolivian music to Spanish announcements and station ID. Sign-off with "Santa Cruz" song at 0104. Signal poor-fair. (Brian Alexander, PA).

6120, 1208, NHK/Radio Japan relay. Report on a European electric power grid, SIO 555. (Bob Fraser, ME)

6165, *0427-0450 RNT. Heard after Radio Netherlands 0427 sign-off with Chad signing on at 0427 with Balafon interval signal and national anthem. French announcements at 0429 and African hi-life music. Weak signal and co-channel interference from Radio Japan at their 0430 sign-on. (Brian Alexander, PA).

15405, *1700-1715.* Radio Y'Abaganda via France. Sign-on with pop music and brief vernacular announcement at 1702, followed by Afro pop music. African choal music for Saturday broadcast. (Brian Alexander, PA).

6010.04, 0405-0425 LV de Tu Conciencia. Lite instrumnetal music to ID at 0408. Spanish religious talk and Spanish inspirational music. Signal poor in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA).

4919, 0508-0532 (presumed) Radio Quito. While band scanning - found this poor to moderate strength Spanish station 4919. May be reactivated Radio Quito. Programincluded long Latin ballads with brief Spanish announcements. Static and CODAR interference made this ID impossible. Last log of Radio Quito was November 2010. (Jim Evans, TN).

9820.3 (new freq), *0258-0324 Voice of the Broad Masses. Program 2. New Freq noted at sign-on with interval signal and vernacular talk at 0300. Some Horn of Africa music though weak with interference from weak unidentified station on 9819.87 (Brazil ?) (Brian Alexander, PA).

7204.98, *0257-0324 Voice of the Broad Masses. Program 1. Sign-on with interval signal and same vernacular talk at 0300. No // heard. (Brian Alexaner, PA).

17550, 2202-2216 Radio Kuwait. Two announcer's in Arabic with lengthy talk over lite-style music. Still going at tune-out. Signal fair. (Scott Barbour, NH)

15345, 1554-1605, RTV Marocaine Nador. Arabic text and announcer's talk to music. Fanfare bit at 1600 with male/female dou's announcements to news headlines. Various music bits throughout program. Signal fair-good. (Scott Barbour, NG).

9704.99, 2150-2301.* LV du Sahel. Indigenous vocals to Afro-pop music,Local tribal music to French/vernacular talk at 2300 for about 65-70 seconds. Signal poo. (Brian Alexander, PA).

7385, 0015, Radio Romania International. English program, Pro Memoria on Romanian TV's history. SIO 554. (Bob Fraser, ME)

15465, 1726-1733. Voice of Russia. French service including talks and comments as Moscow was mentioned. Very poor signal, and just above the nise level. (Jim Evans, TN).

15420, 1612 BBC relay via Mahe. English program Fast Track on Arican sports. Interview regarding the state of African basketball. Signal fair at best // 15400 via Ascension Islands fair. (Scott Barbour, NH).

9830, 2215, Voice of Turkey. Letterbox program segment. SIO 554. (Bob Fraser, ME)

Vatican City
15280, 1551-1553.* Radio Veritas Asia relay. Closing bits of announcer's talk and mentions throughout about Manila, Philippines. Solid station ID over music at 1552. Fair-good signal quality. (Scott Barbour, NH)

13590, 1746-1751 CVC 1 Africa. Contemporary Christian music and talk from announcer duo. Signal poor with fading observed. (Jim Evans, TN).