Thursday, July 07, 2011

Radio Heritage News - July

Hello Radio People

Here's something really useful you should know this can give you a 100% boost in happiness. Yes, according to research by the BBC, listeners use radio because it generates happiness and personal energy and....the results are measurable....happiness and energy levels can double.

So, throw away the gym membership cards, the coffee, and all the rest of the clutter, turn on the radio and feel the happiness and energy.......of course, we all knew that didn't we? It's why we all enjoy listening to the radio so much..and reading about bits of it at

I'm not sure what we can do about you if you jog, drink coffee and listen to the radio at the same time...............

You're busy this week, so I won't take up too much of your time. This monthly message gets broadcast to thousands of people in over 100 countries so it's not as 'totally focussed' as a marketing expert recently told us to be because as a 'heritage channel' we let you pick and choose what bits of news to keep and which bits to throw're in control.

Firstly, a big thanks to those who made gifts during the month, we're about 50% of our operational bills covered but some more would be helpful right those who donated recordings, books, magazines and some large stacks of old radio car stickers..thank you.

Kangaroo Club members and other fans of Australian Heritage AM radio should enjoy the new features at about 5AD Adelaide, 4LG Longreach, 4SB Kingaroy and 7AD Devonport & 7BU Burnie...almost 50 of these features now online...

Research is almost completed on a series about Papua New Guinea radio....and these guys have 3G cellphone networks and radio stations there make 30% gross profits so forget about stone age bows and fact, we do the research for radio country profiles on about 25 Pacific countries so you can always learn new stuff from checking our PAL Radio Guides....latest one is now online..

Here's a station policy for you - 'The policy in regard to this to restrict jazz artists, syncopaters and crooners' smooth jazz, no samba, no Michael Buble, no Bing Crosby....and seriously, no Rudy 'Men Hate Him! Women Love Him! Vallee at all. The station was 4PM in Port Moresby in the 1930s.

So who said 'old' radio has to be boring. We see a growing number of schools and school kids now run their own FM radio stations in New you'll find a bunch of new features about stations like Swiss Mixx in our Kiwi Radio Campaign content at ...good to see radio is relevant to today's new listeners....

With over 200 full length features and more coming all the time, our volunteers are busy searching out the best in radio heritage content for you....and remember our Elvis Blue Hawaii Competition closes on July 14, so simply email us at with the answer to this question

**** how many hours each week of Japanese did KIPA broadcast in 1961****

You'll find the answer in our Blue Hawaii 50th Anniversary feature at, along with great photos, station logos and more from radio in Hawaii in 1961. Whilst there, check out Art of
Radio Hawaii too. We have a fantastic Elvis in Hawaii book prize!!!

We do need to remind you that by becoming an annual supporter, you help us pay the office bills and it's a very practical way you can get involved with our radio heritage programs. You're acknowledged online, and your station or business can be recognized as well. Let us say thanks to you if you can be one of 365 daily 'good guys' with a personal gift of US$50 in 2011.

It's because of your support we can continue to do this as volunteers, and coming up in July we should have some more AFRS Armed Forces Radio memories, more Island Radio Pacific Style features including audio, more Long Lost Australian Radio Stars, more Ham Shack QSL cards from the amateur log books and some surprises.... Art of Radio LA is still coming together nicely so should be online shortly....bookmark or subscribe to our RSS feed or check us out on Facebook as well..

Again, thanks for your support, please tell your friends and colleagues and enjoy listening to the radio..remember, it boosts happiness and energy!!!
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