Monday, July 18, 2011

New multi-media Papua New Guinea radio feature

A new multi-media feature about Papua New Guinea Radio in 2011 has been released by the Radio Heritage Foundation at .

The new feature includes reviews of major Papua New Guinea radio websites, updates on the new radio licensing laws, how increased cell-phone coverage is opening up a rapidly growing youth market and some little known facts about contemporary broadcasting in this South West Pacific nation.

Based on a recent documentary broadcast on Radio New Zealand International, this new feature includes original research, photos of broadcasters, shortwave and FM studios and facilities, a downloadable audio version of the documentary, and a YouTube presentation combining audio, text and images.

Few readers comprehend that Port Moresby, the national capital, now has a population approaching 350,000 people, a freeway system, a booming construction of high rise office and residential buildings, and that local radio listeners have some 15 separate radio brands to choose from along the FM dial....and even sponsored drivetime radio shows with local radio personalities.

Commercial radio brands such as FM100, Nau FM, Yumi FM and new arrivals, are expanding rapidly across the mountainous country, using the cell-phone infrastructure networks that are exploding on the back of a major natural gas, oil and mineral resources boom. Radio station profits grew by 30% in 2010 and a new national media framework is bringing modern communications and FM radio to the most remote villages.

The Kundu network with its dated shortwave radio stations, competing religious radio stations tangling the airwaves, new commercial stations, and a large base of local record studios churning out local popular music that feeds the playlists of Radio Morobe, Wantok Radio, Tribe FM and a growing number of other stations...this is just part of todays radio story.

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(Radio Heritage/NZ)