Thursday, October 06, 2011

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel frequency - *sign-on/ sign-off*

logs edited for clarity

6102, Radio Afghanistan, Kabul, 1612-1632.* Urdu talks and local songs. SINPO 24332. (Mille/DXW438)

11710, Radio Argentina al Exterior, 0058. Station interval signal to male/female announcer's IDs. At *0100, Voice of America in English from 11705 via Thailand with strong signal causing interference. (Sharma/DXW438)

7270, Voice of Russia relay via Yerevan, 0149-0200. Russian service for male/female announcers with interview. Station ID at 0159. Signal pips of 4+1 into male announcer with news. Good signal. (Scott Barbour-NH)

6140.00, Radio Australia, 1103-1115. At tune in, noted the last couple of minutes of world news. Followed with an ID as, "Radio Australia ..." in English and a feature about Asia. Signal was fair. I haven't heard Radio Australia on this frequency before. Checked AOKI and EIBI, and an older version (2010) of the WRTH and didn't see this frequency listed for Australia? Just an oversight? (Chuck Bolland,FL)

9745, Radio Bahrain, 2207-2210. Arabic music to Arabic text over music. Fair signal and hearing anothr station underneath, possibly Taiwan. Also heard at 0024 talks in Arabic. Fair signal. (Boc/DXW438)

6010, Belaruskaje Radjo, Brest, 2231. Pop music with very good signal in // with 6040 and 6080, both better than usual. (Boc/DXW438)

4795.94, Radio Lipez, Uyuni, 0910-1005. Spanish talks and news program. Local music selections for weak signal, but able to catch few words like, "militares" and "parlametario." SINPO 24432. (Bolland/Otavio/DXW438)

5952.38, Emisoras Pio XII, 1025-1035. World news in Spanish including news from USA. Signal fair and in the clear. (Bolland/DXW438).

6134.80, Radio Santa Cruz, 1016-1030. Female announcer giving a lesson, also with male announcer joining her. Good signal. (Bolland) Also from 2320-0030 in Spanish with Bolivian pop music. SINPO 35333. (Petersen/DXW438)

4865.02 Radio Alvorada(presumed) 1042. Noted with two men in Portuguese talk.Not much readable in the band noise, although signal was fair.(John Wilkins-CO/Cumbre DX)

5939.94, Radio Voz Missionaria Camboriu, 2252-2307. Portuguese text from lady announcer with soundbites. Voz do Brazil jingle at 2300 and tentative ID aqnnouncement. Program promosand touchtone FX. Signal poor and noisy; //9665 audible under co-channel Voice of Russia via Moldova. (Scott Barbour-NH)

9564.87, Super Rádio Deus é Amor, 0055-0110. Usual Portuguese preacher. IDs at 0102. Some religious music. Weak with adjacent channel splatter. Very weak on // 9586.67. Fair on // 11765.02.(Brian Alexander, PA)

9645.38, Radio Bandeirantes, 0045-0100, Portuguese talk. Sound effects. Fair. Weak on // 11925.20(Brian Alexander, PA)

11765.02, Super Radio Deus é Amor, 0211-0653. Morning religious program "A Voz da Libertacao" in Portuguese and Spanish. Produced in Buenos Aires, // 9564.89 on 25 meters much stronger. (Bueschel/DXW438)

11815, Radio Brazil Central 2101-2104. Portuguese ID at 2103, SINPO 33343. Also heard 0246 with pop music (Bueschel/DXW438)

6164.96, Rdif. Nationale Tchadienne, N'Djamena, *0427-0500. Open carrier after Netherlands sign-off until Balafon interval signal interval signal. Signal poor-fair level. Japan's NHK World opened with Spanish announcement at *0429 with Chad now weakly in the background. Chad's orchestral national anthem heard under the NHK opening music.French talk but not much else after that point as NHK began the newscast. (D'Angelo/Bueshel/DXW438)

4820/4905/4920, Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet, 2315-0126. All back on the air, but they are still off for maintenance. Noted off again since Sept 3. (Howard/Petersen/Sharma/DXW438)

4950, Voice of Pujiang, Shanghai, 1238-1246. Male/female in Chinese talk to 1244, then vocal music. Good signal // to 3280 and 9705 (both poor). Noted later at 1323 with more chat and music on 9705, which was good; 3280 was gone and 4950 almost gone. (Wilkins/DXplorer/DXW438)

5985 Shiokaze *1330-1402. Usual piano theme and "JSR Kochirawa Shiokaze Des" ID and non-stop female's talks in Japanese. Sequence was repeated at 1400, but don't know if if this was a repeat of the 1330 program or just a continuation. Good signal at 1330 but gradually going downhill. Noted next day (Fri) in English and on Saturday in Korean. (John Wilkins-CO/Cumbre DX)

5909.9, Al Caravan Radio. 0420-0429. Good signal for station. SINPO 55433 in North Italy. (Fabio Pomi/Italy)

4814.97 Radio Buen Pastor(presumed) 1046-1100. Música folklórico, with nice quenas, etc. All Spanish talk after 1049. Fair/poor signal, and was beginning to fade. (John Wilkins-CO/Cumbre DX)

7270 AIR Chennai *1258-1335. Interval signal to 1300, then opening announcement in language, followed by sub-continental music. Fair at best, mixing with presumed Nei
Menggu. (John Wilkins-CO/Cumbre DX)

3325 RRI Palangkaraya 1302-1320. Two men dialoging in Bahasa Indo. Decent signal but high band noise and local interferences. (John Wilkins-CO/Cumbre DX)

9525.00, Voice of Indonesia, 1122-1135, Noted MOR type Indonesian music at tune in. Noted no announcer comments between musical selections. This hour is suppose to be Chinese language according to what I last notated. Heard male commenting in English between the tunes. Also very surprised to see they are on their registered frequency of 9525 KHz. compared to when I last heard them. Signal was fair this morning. (Chuck Bolland. FL).

9680.064, RRI Jakarta, 1055-1130. Jakarta with a fair signal presenting music and Indo comments by a female. Also noted mixing from Taiwan and another station continually presenting music of "Anchors Away." Anchors Away has been playing for 20 minutes at this writing. Still Jakarta is audible with a fair signal. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4910, Radio Madagasikara, 0216-0255. Carrier + USB. Tune-in to Afro-pop music. Malagasy talk. IS at 0226:40. Choral national anthem at 0227. Malagasy talk at 0229.Lite instrumental music. Afro-pop music. Weak at tune-in. Improved to a fair level by 0238. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5964.70 Klasik FM 1327-1344. Regional vocal music to chatty male announcer in Bahasa Malaysia. Fair in noise. (John Wilkins-CO/Cumbre DX)6050.02 Asyik FM 1301-1320+ Berita nasional in progress. Back to local program at 1311 with regional vocals. Female announcer and jingles. Fairly good signal. (John Wilkins-CO/Cumbre DX)

12085, Presumed this is Voice of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar 1031-1057* English service with female announcer's news. Several mentions of the government and a couple of ballads. Pulled the plug at 1057. Signal fair, but "echo-ey" made it difficult to detail. Bit of Australia splash via 12080. (Scott Barbour-NH)

Papua New Guinea
5960 Radio Fly 1219-1240. Music by Chicago, Steve Miller Band, etc. No announcements heard. Pretty good signal today. Still nothing on 3915. (John Wilkins-CO/Cumbre DX)

5039.17 Radio Libertad Junín(presumed) 1046-1054. Andean music to male announcer. Signal fair/poor. (John Wilkins-CO/Cumbre DX)

5039.20, Radio Libertad, 1025-1045. Was just setting on a carrier here that I had zero beat, not expecting to hear anything because it seemed a little too late, but at 1028 noted a male in Spanish language comments fade in. From the time I heard the comments, there was music in and out. The music was being mixed with the noise, so it was difficult to hear well. Around 1034 canned promos were heard. The signal ended up being threshold. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6925 USB, Red Mecury Labs, 0125-0150. Rock music. Statio IDs and mentions of Captain Ron. DJ chatter. Email address as Signal poor in thunderstorm static.(Brian Alexander, PA)

17610. Deutsche Welle relay via Sines. Portuguese service - very strong. Programming of current events and heard mention of "Khadafi". (Rick Barton,AZ)

11795, REE, 0110. Interval signal heard to 0115, then into programming listed as Sephardic. Signal was poor to fair. Sounded more like garden variety Spanish toward end of broadcast. (Rick Barton-AZ)