Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog Logs

* Sign-on/ Sign-off* // Parallel frequency

All times UTC

Logs edited for clarity

6102, Radio Afghanistan, Kabul, 1534-1550. English ID, and headlines of the news. SINPO 34433. (Van Arnhem/DXW439)

6060, Radio Nacional, General Pacheco, Buenos Aires, 0019. Male/female speakers in Spanish with news program and mentions of Argentina. Clash with Super Radio. Good signal.(Bell/DXW439)

4810, Voice of Armenia, Noratus, Gavar, 1805. Arabic news with good signal. (Bernardini/DXW439)

4750, Bangladesh Betar, Khabirpur, 1358. Subcontinent music, distinctive bagpipes (marching band?) to 1405 “Assalamu alaikum Bangladesh Betar.” Into the news in assumed Bengali. Poor signal, no trace of Indonesia's RRI Makassar at this time, only interference from China's CNR1. Edited MP3 audio . (Howard/DXW439)

3310, Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, 0935-0945. Local music, ID in Quechua at 0940. Long commentary, fair reception. (Wlodarski). Also heard at 0000, in Bogotá. (Rodriguez/DXW439)

4699.35v, Radio San Miguel, Riberalta (presumed), 2310-2345. Spanish talk, but very weak, SINPO 15111. (Petersen). Also tentatively heard slowly drifting at 0912-1020 fading out, Spanish long talks. (Wilkner/DXW439)

6134.80, Radio Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 0034-0140. Nice songs, commercials, and Spanish discussion. Male tenor with romantic song. Signed off at 0113*, fair. (Bell, Bernardini and Bolland). Also heard at 1007-1020, Spanish comments on a crowded frequency here with a Korean clandestine, that has been here the last month or so. (Bolland/DXW439)

4915, Radio Daqui, Goiânia, GO, 2314-0003.* Brief Portuguese talks and IDs between pop music selections. A few time checks, periodic advertisement strings and jingles. Carrier cut mid-song during a romantic vocal. Poor to fair. (D’Angelo). Also heard at 0911-0923, Portuguese announcer and music. (Wilkner/DXW439)

4985, Radio Brasil Central, Goiânia, GO, 0043. Male/female singers in lively pop duet. Brief announcement in Portuguese to more pop music for fair signal. (Bell). Also heard 0701-0712, Brazilian songs, SINPO 24222. (Méndez/DXW439)

9564.91, Super Radio Deus é Amor, Curitiba, PR, 0015-0157. Two male pastors noted in Portuguese with shouting and cheering. Good signal on // 11765. (Bell and Bernardini). Also heard at 0606-0805, in Portuguese with religious program. Station ID at 0655 and address. Full station ID 0705 with frequencies, 0802 ID and popular song. SINPO 35433. (Van Arnhem, Méndez and Wagai/DXW439)

9819.76 Radio Nove de Julho 0106-0113. Male announcer with religious talk in Portuguese. Lots of "Espiritu Santu", etc.. Fair signal but a strong carrier came on at 0113 on 9820 wiping out 9deJ. (John, WIlkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

11815, Raido Brasil Central, Goiânia, GO, 1918-2305. Folk songs with harmonies to Portuguese time check, ID and jingles. weak signal with fading. (Bell and Bernardini. Also heard at 0904-0916, with Brazilian songs, and comments, at 0906: "Bom día, 6 y 6, Brasil Central", SINPO 33433. (Méndez/DXW439)

6165..034, Voice of Vietnam relay, 0125-0128. Music at tune-in followed by female announcer's talk in English and gives ID as the "Voice of Vietnam ..." Doesn't mention whether or not this is a relay. Signal was very good suggesting it was a relay from somewhere in North America, probably Canada? Both EIBI and AOKI database says it's via Sackville. On the half hour the program changes to Vietnamese language. Overall the signal was good. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6164.96, RNT, 2200-2229*, French talk. Afro-pop music.National anthem at 2228. Poor to fair with some adjacent channel splatter. (Brian Alexander-PA)

4940, Voice of Strait, Fuzhou, 1500-1530. Signal pips to station ID: “This is Voice of Strait, Focus on China.” Events of the past week include: major story about the killing of Chinese sailors on the Mekong River, Russian Prime Minister Putin had a two day visit to China, ten year anniversary of signing China-Russian Treaty on Good Neighborly Friendship and Cooperation. Music bridges between items, 1516 “Voice of Strait, Focus on China.” Mailing address, edited MP3 audio posted at . (Howard/DXW439)

9170, CNR6, Beijing 491, 1349-1352. Slow music with talk in Chinese by man and woman. Poor but steady signal. (Jim Evans, TN)

9410, CNR5, Beijing 491, 1351-1353. Talk in Chinese by man and woman. Very weak, threshold level signal. (Jim Evans, TN)

12010 CRI, Baoji-Xinjie 722, 1402-1405. Talk by man and woman in Vietnamese. Poor but steady signal. (Jim Evans, TN)

9950, Furusato no Kaze, via Taiwan (presumed), *1330-1357.* Usual talks in Japanese with a one-song musical break at 1347. At 1351 a list of names was read, all with Japanese surnames. Closedown routine at 1353 with e-mail address and schedule. Abrupt sign off. Good signal. (Wilkins in DXplorer/DXW439)

17745, Sudan Radio Service, via Sines, Portugal, 1535-1540. African pop song to public servicde announcement at 1540 in English about pollution, the environment, recycling, how to do compost. “A healthy environment means a healthy living for all”, “Conserve the environment. A message from Sudan Radio Service”, back to music. SIgnal quality mostly fair. MP3 audio at (Howard/DXW439)

5909.94, Alcaraván Raido, Lomalinda, 0445-0610. Latin American music, "Llaneras", ID: "El Alcaraván compañero", "En su dial Alcaraván Radio, 1530 AM y 5910 kHz onda corta, desde Colombia Alcaraván Radio", SINPO 34333. (Méndez). Also heard at 1116-1136, with variety of Latin music, canned ID's. Three-minute prayer break at 1121. Still fair but slowly deteriorating. (Wilkins in DXplorer). Also heard at 2303-0042, march music, ID at 2305, local ballad songs. Good signal. (Bernardini and Wlodarski/DXW439)

9720.03, Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea, 0303-0315. Vernacular talk. Horn of Africa music. Weak. // 9820.03 - fair. // 7130.03 - weak. // 7174.99 - fair to good. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6155.020, All India Radio, Delhi, 0120-0130. Noted a good signal here with a program of local type music in possibly the Urdu language? Noted parallel signal on 5010.00 kHz but very weak. 6155 was good. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4749.987, RRI Makassar, 1005-1015. At tune noted male in Indonesian with comments. Believe a female was also commenting during this time. At 1007 music commenced as the signal was threshold.(Chuck Bolland, FL)

3325 RRI Palangkaraya 1240-1325. Long indigeneous vocal numbers, followed by long blocks of phone calls taken by female announcer who giggled a lot. Peaked around 1315 at an amazing S9+25 dB. Very glad they're back on the air, with their good signal and very eclectic programming. (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

3945, Radio Nikkei 2, Chiba-Nagara, 0828-0838. English ballad selections, but by the accent, seems by a Japanese female singer. No signal of Raido Vanuatu underneath, SINPO 34433 (Lucio Otavio Bobrowiecs, Brazil/Cumbre DX)

5010, Radio Madagasikara, 0213-0300. Carrier + USB. Still on this frequency. Tune-in to Afro-pop music. Interval signal followed by national anthem at 0228. Lite instrumental music and Malagasy talk at 0230. Afro-pop music. African choral music. Weak. Poor in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6009.96 Radio Mil 1209-1232. D.F. ads, CDT (UTC-6) time check, then back to news-talk, with long phone calls - sounded like correspondents' reports or maybe short interviews. More ads at 1232. Generally fair, with an occasional good peak. (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

6184.98 Radio Educación 1017-105. Segued marimba tunes, no announcements until 1031 ID. Mentions of 1060 AM with 100,000 watts, website , and 6185 SW. More non-stop marimba music followed to 1059, at which time a strong CH-lang station came onto 6185.Excellant signal. (John WIlkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

4755.47 The Cross Radio 1240-1335.+ Religious music - interspersed with occasional inspirational messages. Signal fair at tune-in, poor by 1330. Guess they once again "forgot" to turn off the shortwave transmitter. (John WIlkins, CO/CUmbre DX)

5985.83 Raido Myanma 1252-1330. Usual program of vocal music, hosted by female announcer, followed by presumed news at 1330. Fairly good signal for many days now, with no interference until the *1329 sign-on of strong Shiokaze on 5985. Hopefully, Shiokaze is about ready for one of their periodic moves to another freq, which would leave RM in the clear. (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

9704.99, LV du Sahel, *0500-0515. Test tone at 0459:37. Sign on at 0500:10 with choral national anthem. Ten second flute interval signal at 0502 and into talk in unidentified language. Qur`an at 0503-0507. Talk at 0507. Indigenous vocals. Poor, mixing with Radio Ethiopia 9705. (Brian Alexander, PA)

4746.965, Radio Huanta Dos Mil, 1020-1030. Noted female in Spanish with comments with mentions of "Peru" during here comments. She continues to talk as the signal remains at a fair level. (Chuck Bolland, FL).

4774.963, Radio Tarma, 1007-1015. Noted the usual morning format of middle-of-the-road style ranchero music. Canned IDs noted between and during the tunes. Signal was at a poor level. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4824.45 La Voz de la Selva 1044-1054. Presumed with vocal music to male announcer in Spanish (I think). Fair signal but underneath the S-9 band noise. (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

5039.207, Radio Libertad, 1000-1015. Sounded like the station was just opening to the day's programming with a tune that sounded very nationalistic. After the music, canned ID by a male. So after a few moments of waiting, it seemed to be correct that this was the opening of the day's programming. At 1004 UTC, ordinary popular music was heard. Signal remained at a fair level. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

12055, TWR India, Irkutsk, 1411-1416. Talk by man in Kharia (per schedule). Choir music with a slight subcontinent sound. Poor signal. (Jim Evans, TN)

12065, Voice of Russia, Chita-Atamanovka, 1357-1400.* Classical Russian music. Closing announcements in English by man (ID, schedule, internet address). Poor signal. Audio gone at 1400 followed by carrier soon thereafter. (Jim Evans, TN)

4976, Radio Uganda, Kampala, 0408-0415. Talk by man in what sounded like English. Very weak signal, only occasionally peaking above the noise. Much weaker than Zimbabwe on 4828kHz. (Jim Evans, TN)

4828, Zimbabwe BC, Gweru, 0406-0415. Ballad music. Talk by man in what appeared to be English. Weak signal in noise from passing storms. CODAR interference was also present. Faded down into the noise after 0415.(Jim Evans, TN)