Saturday, October 22, 2011

Radio Netherlands Program Preview, October 22-27

The State We're In
Jonathan Groubert and his team look at current events from an unexpected perspective.

This week: Above and beyond

Like the Wall Street overseer who got fired for investigating insider trading, the Kenyan man who got blinded in the US Embassy attack and later climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and an Australian man whose blood donations have saved over two million babies...

First airing: Saturday 02:00 UTC

Marnie Chesterton and her team look at the footprint we’re leaving on our planet.

This week: Simple life

We head back to the land, to the simple life. But is it really that simple? From killing your own deer for meat and clothing, to growing things in a cramped slum, or foraging in the forest, we examine how to get the most out of the land around us, and what it takes.

South Asia Wired
Stories from South Asia.

This week: A silent epidemic

A silent epidemic is claiming India’s young – people like Shafiq Sheikh who had his tongue and a part of his cheek removed. In his last few months, Shafiq couldn’t eat or speak and was in horrible pain. He was in his early 20s and had for years chewed gutka, a paan substitute ubiquitous in India. India has the highest rate of oral cancer in the world and it’s caused by what for many Indians is their favourite mouth freshener.

(There'll be a new edition of the programme on Thursday 27 October 2011)

Bridges With Africa
We're giving the microphone to Diaspora groups in Europe and are linking up with stations in Africa.

This week:

Kenya invades Somalia – what’s the plan?
A doctor’s strike in paradise – what’s happening in Ghana?
True rap and cool melodies – it’s SMOD from Mali!
The ICC’s chief prosecutor is leaving soon – what’s he leaving behind?

Africa in Progress
Inspiring round-table discussions with guest speakers and in-depth interviews give listeners food for thought.

This week: Passion is key to success for Afro jazz diva

Passion for music is the key to Dudu Manhenga’s success as an Afro jazz diva. Dudu sings about love and unity.

With her Shona and Ndebele parentage, Dudu unites Zimbabwe’s once polarised ethnic groups in her music. Her career stems from early encounters with musicians like Dorothy Masuka, who came from her neighbourhood in the country’s second capital Bulawayo.

With other popular Southern African musicians Dudu promotes music skills among women.

First airing: Monday 18:00 UTC

Commonwealth Story
A selection of winning stories chosen from the large number of entries for the 2010 Commonwealth Short Story Competition.

This week: Something from nothing - by Barbara Jenkins from Trinidad & Tobago. A sweepstake sensation.

First airing: Tuesday 00:55 UTC

Global Perspective
Who says I can’t… is the motto of this year’s collaboration of international broadcasters, offering stories of defiance and perseverance.

This week: Who says I can’t fish?

Around one billion people in the world rely on fish as their primary source of protein, but fishermen in many parts of the world are having greater restrictions put on their fishing because of concerns about the level of fish stocks and the marine environment. The BBC World Service introduces us to Fred Normandale, one of the few remaining fishermen in the small town of Scarborough in the North East of England.

First airing: Monday 17:30 UTC

Hear the World
Listen to the world’s musical heartbeat on RNW. A brand new world music series hosted by Dheera Sujan.

This week:

Afel Bocoum and his band Alkibar from Mali sing about social issues in their country as well as about nature.

Bringing in a bit of swing from Brazil, the Edu Miranda Trio presents a jazzy mix of Portuguese fado and Brazilian rhythms.

Despite the Balkan sound of their music, Tarhana is a Dutch-based band. They take in a wide range of regional influences, from Turkey to Tajikistan.

The unmistakably Greek voice of Elena Nena Venetsanou ends this edition with songs full of melancholy and tragedy.

First airing: Monday 00:00 UTC

RNW Classical
Classical concerts from the Royal Concertgebouw as well as studio recordings of Dutch performers, presented by Hans Haffmans.

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