Monday, October 10, 2011

ESAT launches on shortwave to Ethiopia

Ethiopian Satellite Television has announced the launch of a daily shortwave radio broadcast to Ethiopia. In the past few weeks, ESAT has successfully transmitted test broadcasts.

With a view to overcoming the jamming by the Meles regime, ESAT’s management made a decision to transmit ESAT’s programmes on multiple platforms. ESAT’s shortwave radio broadcasts, which will have a significant reach to the people of Ethiopia, will be another addition to ESAT’s efforts to reverse the information blackout created by the Meles Zenawi regime.

ESAT’s shortwave broadcast will be on air daily on 15370 kHz at 1700-1800 UTC. Additional frequencies will be available subject to the effect of signal interference.

ESAT is also finalizing preparations to launch multiple broadcasting platforms. ESAT will be available soon on IPTV. Viewers will also be able to watch its broadcasts on smartphones. ESAT’s online transmissions will soon be upgraded with a new user-friendly website that will not only webcast live broadcasts 24/7 but will also have video-on-demand with a huge collection of archives. Online transmissions via ESAT’s website will also be available in Flash Player format, which is compatible with all the major web browsers.

Most importantly, ESAT is making unrelenting efforts to resume its satellite TV broadcast to Ethiopia. ESAT is committed to delivering its promise to serve as a conduit for citizens to express their opinion freely, to access reliable information and to play its part in the struggle to build a democratic country with Ethiopia’s first independent satellite television service.
(Source: ESAT/R Netherlands Media Network)