Monday, October 17, 2011

Ecuador's telecommunications to test DRM

Ecuador’s telecommunications authorities have agreed to explore and test the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) standard with help from two organizations based in the South American country. Radio Station HCJB and the Unión Nacional de Periodistas (UNP or National Journalists’ Union) representatives agreed with the Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (SUPERTEL) to offer training and assist in testing the DRM standard that Ecuador is considering. SUPERTEL will also evaluate other digital radio standards.

After a short signing ceremony in Ecuador’s capital city of Quito on 7 October, training sessions with SUPERTEL technicians began four days later on the campus of Radio Station HCJB.

In recent years the governments of India and Russia have selected DRM as the standard for broadcasting bands in those countries. In Latin America, the DRM standard is under consideration by Brazil where the Ministry of Communication held a seminar on digital radio standards in September.
(Source: HCJB/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)