Monday, October 24, 2011

WBCQ moving frequencies

Alan Wiener announced on his Friday night show that starting today, WBCQ will be moving from 7415.0 kHz to 7490.0 kHz at the request of the FCC.

The reason he gave is that the Civil Air Patrol is starting a new HF service, and will be utilizing 7416.0 kHz as one of its frequencies for this service.

Actually CAP has been using 7416.0 in the Southwest Region for quite some time now. It is part of their relatively new HF ALE Region networks that they established earlier this year. 7416.0 is part of the CAP SWR Net 6 family of frequencies. The complete list of known Southwest Region Net 6 freqs includes 4512.0 4627.0 7416.0 10550.0 12183.0 14457.0 16333.0 22872.0 26617.0 (ALE/USB). You can find their (CAP)nationwide Net 9 ALE net freqs on the Milcom blog at click here.

There will be a big list of several hundred active and current US Gov/Mil HF freqs in my December 2011 MT Milcom column to play with so don't miss that issue.

More soon and 73 de Larry