Friday, May 23, 2008

Nostalgic look at DX Window

9520 History. First. From Nov 1967 till Dec 1969 the DX-Window was broadcast 113 times in English by "Radio Denmark Shortwave" each Sunday on 9520 kHz. Producer of the 20 minute programme was the famous Christian Flagstad with Torre Ekblom, Kaj Bredahl Jorgensen and yours truly as regular contributors. The secretary of the English Section, Mrs Susanne Jackson, often assisted us in reading our tips. She issued more than 3,000 QSLs on these programmes! Unfortunately R Denmark ceased its broadcasting in foreign languages by the end of 1969. A Memory Card was issued and requested by 197 DX-listeners.

Second. From Oct 1987 till Sep 1994, the DX-Window continued as a printed newsletter, edited monthly or every second week with a total of 151 editions by the late German member, Bernhard Gruendl, and two Dutch members Hans van den Boogert and Wian Stienstra.

Third. From Feb 1996 til May 1999, Finn Krone and several other members as co-editors around the world on shift introduced the DX-Window as a free newsletter by e-mail, distributed by Claus Pedersen. A total of 168 editions were issued.

Fourth. When I retired in May 2001, the digital "DX-Window" was revived with edition no. 169 as a fortnightly newsletter issued to DSWCI-members at the same time as SWN changed from being published each month to every sixth week. This edition No. 350 is distributed to 168 DSWCI-members by e-mail. In addition several members read it in the Member Area at where our Swiss webmaster Rolf Wernli uploads it every time. Furthermore a summary of its content is used in DX-Mirror inShortwave News, edited by our Russian member Dmitry Mezin.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW May 14)
(Source: WWDXC Top News-BC DX # 861 via wb, Germany)

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