Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Radio Marti Summer Schedule

Radio y Televisión Martí is a radio and television broadcaster based in Miami, Florida, financed by the United States government (Broadcasting Board of Governors), which transmits Spanish radio broadcasts to Cuba. Its broadcasts can also be heard in the United States.

Radio Marti - A12 Summer Sked

Effective to: 28 Oct 2012

All times UTC

0000-0100 6030ca 7365ca 11775ca
0100-0200 6030ca 7365ca 11775ca
0200-0300 6030ca 7365ca 11775ca
0300-0400 twhfas 6030ca 7405ca
0400-0500 twhfas 6030ca 7405ca
0500-0600 twhfas 6030ca 7405ca
0600-0700 twhfas 6030ca 7405ca
0700-0800 twhfas 5980ca 6030ca
0800-0900 twhfas 5980ca 6030ca
0900-1000 6030ca 9805ca
1000-1100 6030ca 9805ca
1100-1200 6030ca 9805ca
1200-1300 6030ca 7405ca 9805ca
1300-1400 7405ca 11845ca 13820ca
1400-1500 11845ca 11930ca 13820ca
1500-1600 11845ca 11930ca 13820ca
1600-1700 11845ca 11930ca 13820ca
1700-1800 9565ca 11930ca 13820ca
1800-1900 9565ca 11930ca 13820ca
1900-2000 9565ca 11930ca 13820ca
2000-2100 9565ca 11930ca 13820ca
2100-2200 6030ca 9565ca 11930ca 13820ca
2200-2300 6030ca 9565ca 11930ca
2300-0000 6030ca 9565ca 11930ca
(A12/WRTH/09 May)