Thursday, September 11, 2014

RFA 'text via tones' transmissions

Dear friends,

RFA is working with IBB testing transmissions of 'text via tones' over the next few days during both of RFA's Cantonese broadcast. The tests are running specifically at 1458-1500 and 2258-2300 UTC. The last test broadcast will be Monday, September 15, at 2258 UTC. 

As you can see from the attached JPG, we have designed a special QSL card for these tests know many will submit reception reports and want the reception confirmed. 
Here are the frequencies where you will find the test broadcasts between now and Monday, September 15. 

1458-1500 UTC
Fri 13585
Sat 13635
Sun 13700
Mon 13585

2258-2300 UTC
Thu 15290
Fri 15300
Sat 15380
Sun 15390
Mon 15260

For information on decoding the tones, please visit
Hope this gives you another reason to turn on your radios. 

73.  AJ

Andrew "A.J." Janitschek
Radio Free Asia