Friday, September 19, 2014

Solomon Islands heard again on 9545 kHz

SIBC QSL (Gayle Van Horn QSL Collection) 
Solomon Islands

(log edited for clarity)

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation. Heard on  9545, 0845-0857 UTC. Long list of messages by lady DJ in Tok Pisin with many mentions of "studio," "transport" and "thank you for your cooperation and understanding." Two mentions of  SIBC, so obviously a lot of late shipments.

Ended at 0857 with promo, then live announcer again with program notes including a nice station identification with frequencies at 0858, and mention of "Bible reading." Sports and news , followed by mention of "bible readings."

Good signal at tune-in, but faded by 0938 UTC check.  Getting some splash interference from the 9540 China's CNR1 jammer at 1015 UTC check.  Nothing on usual freq of 5020 kHz.  Here's a link to a video of the ID
(17 Sept./Dave Valko, PA/HCDX)