Monday, December 14, 2015

Closure of medium wave transmitters in France, Germany, and Luxembourg.

By 31 December many stations in Europe will close their medium wave transmitters
forever, on the following frequencies

603 kHz, 711 kHz, 864 kHz, 1206 kHz, 1242 kHz, 1278 kHz, 1377 kHz,
1404 kHz, 1494 kHz, 1557 kHz.

549 kHz, 756 kHz, 1269 kHz, 1422 kHz.

Luxembourg 1440 kHz.
(corrected now by wb.; - original per Mike Simmonds-UK via Mike Terry-UK,
mwdx Dec 8)

Re: [mwdx] Closure of MW transmtters. This is not entirely accurate.

1/ The French station Allouiss on 162 kHz will not close.

2/ The German station SR Heusweiler on 1179 kHz is not mentioned in this
list but it will also shut down.
(Remy Friess-F, mwdx Dec 8)
(WWDXC/Top Nx 1231)