Thursday, December 10, 2015

VOA Radiogram Weekend Programming

Hello friends,

See the section below on The Mighty KBC for an interesting experiment this weekend.

Last weekend's experiments with QR codes were interesting and mostly successful. I failed to inform you, however, that a monospace font (Courier, for example) is required for the QR codes sent via UTF-8 block elements to decode correctly.  See some examples here ...

Here is the lineup for VOA Radiogram, program 141, 12-13 December 2015,  all in MFSK32:

 1:32  Program preview
 2:47  Planet Ceres' bright spots explained*
 8:21  Estonian underwater robot*
16:55  Russia's Dozhd TV under pressure*
22:10  Santa on 3916 kHz*
24:46  Closing announcements*

* with image

Please send reception reports to

VOA Radiogram transmission schedule
(all days and times UTC):
Sat 0930-1000 5865 kHz
Sat 1600-1630 17580 kHz
Sun 0230-0300 5745 kHz
Sun 1930-2000 15670 kHz
All via the Edward R. Murrow transmitting station in North Carolina.

The Mighty KBC will transmit a minute of MFSK32 this weekend, but at a new time. KBC's broadcast to North America is Saturday 2300 UTC to Sunday 0200 UTC (Saturday evening 6:00-9:00 pm EST in North America), on 7395 kHz via Germany. From 0158 to 0200 UTC, Radio Romania International transmits its interval signal also on 7395 kHz for its French broadcast beginning at 0200 UTC. This creates a co-channel situation between KBC and RRI. The MFSK32 transmission is therefore moved from 0128 to 0158 UTC to see if the text and image can survive the interference.

If you have an Android device, the TIVAR decoding app is available here: . For PCs, Fldigi is available here: . See for more information.

Thank you for your reception reports. I am falling farther behind in answering your reports. The gallery for program 132 is prepared, and today I will get started with the accompanying emails. I hope you can tune in and write in this weekend.


Kim Andrew Elliott
Producer and Presenter
VOA Radiogram