Friday, July 07, 2017

A reminder for QSLing AWR and KSDA

(AWR QSL - (Gayle Van Horn Collection)
Several QSL cards available.  Send your AWR & KSDA reception reports for Wavescan to the AWR address in Silver Spring Maryland MD; and also to the station your radio is tuned to: WRMI or WWCR or KVOH or VOH-Africa, or to the AWR relay stations that carry Wavescan.

Remember too, you can send a reception report to the DX reporters when their segment is on the air here in Wavescan: Japan, Chile, Philippines, Australiaand India.  They also will verify with their own colorful QSL card.  Return postage and an address label are always appreciated.

Only postal address for AWR QSL cards:- Only email address for AWR QSLs:-
Email address for Wavescan: 
Adventist World Radio
Box 10188
Silver Spring
Maryland MD 20914